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Eglu Cube | Large Chicken Coop


Large Plastic Hen House with Optional 2m Run.

The Eglu Cube is available to purchase in three configurations:

  • Complete Package includes the house, frame, ladder, wheels and 2m run
  • House, Frame, Ladder & Wheels (NO 2m RUN)
  • House, Frame,& Ladder (NO 2m RUN and NO WHEELS)

Eglu Cube | Large Chicken Coop

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$2,339.00 Incl. GST

Large Plastic Hen House with Optional 2m Run. The Eglu Cube is available to purchase in three configurations: Complete Package includes the house,... Read more

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    Large Plastic Hen House with Optional 2m Run.

    The Eglu Cube is available to purchase in three configurations:

    • Complete Package includes the house, frame, ladder, wheels and 2m run
    • House, Frame, Ladder & Wheels (NO 2m RUN)
    • House, Frame,& Ladder (NO 2m RUN and NO WHEELS)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 91 reviews
    Trish H
    Eglu Cube

    Took a while to put together but we are nearly there and it looks great! It will be so much easier to keep clean than our old wooden chicken coop, and we won't have to bend over to collect the eggs or to clean out the poop tray.
    Some of the instructions were a bit confusing for us -it would have been an idea to read through them thoroughly first and to lay out all the pieces before we started , but we were keen to get assembling, so that was our fault! Everything fits together easily and we are still reasonably sane and talking to each other!

    Sue Ashford-Owen
    Happy Bantams

    From start to finish, the process of ordering, receiving and erecting this wonderful chicken coop and run was effortless. More importantly, we have four very happy bantams. We wouldn't hesitate to order from Appletons again. Thank you so much!!

    Eglu cube and run

    The team at Appletons were awesome! The cube is well designed and easy to maintain. My chooks took to it on the second night! I put in a wooden perch as my Australorps are heavy ladies and seemed a little restless on the plastic bars. I also redesigned the ‘ladder’ as the ladies struggled with it. The run feels a bit flimsy for the price and it’s not as manoeuvrable in a small urban section. I’d definitely recommend the cube but not the run. The auto door is good too!

    Sara Irvine
    Igloo cube and up go

    Love these products. Makes chooks easy peasy to care for
    Great customer service. Clear communication and Fiona was great at answering any questions.
    Thank you

    Robyn & Andy
    We can’t speak more highly of our set-up - thank you.

    Our 6 chickens are all settled in now. We’re just loving them and two are giving us the most delicious eggs daily. The others are looking very close to laying except for Maree (the only one we have named), she prefers to rule the roost and find ways to fly over the fence. 😀 The Eglu is perfect, easy to clean and dry as a bone inside. The covers are great when the West Coast rain falls! We can’t speak more highly of our set-up - thank you.

    Tracey Johnson
    Awesome Eglu

    I am so happy I choose the Eglu. Super easy to look after and safe for the chickens.

    Paula Stevenson

    Eglu Cube - Large Chicken Coop

    Early days

    construction tricky
    Chickens really need to be free range to fit six of them.

    Tracy Grant
    Eglu cube review

    Just in the process of transferring the girls at night to get used to the coop. I think getting a light would be helpful as its very dark in the coop, so they cant see the nesting boxes early morning if shut in. The automatic door is great at night, but on overcast days, does not open at sunrise. Apart from those two things, very happy with it. So easy to clean!

    Richard Payne
    Eglu Cube Large Chicken Coop

    Top quality from delivery to installation. I am extremely happy with my purchase - and so are the chooks! Will definitely be purchasing more omlet products in the future.


    Free Chicken Treats Box with Every Eglu Cube Chicken Coop*

    Value $95.00
    *Purchase an Eglu Cube Chicken Coop between 28th November and 12th December 2023 and receive a complimentary gift Chicken Treats Box 😊

    Eglu Cube large chicken coop
    Children can get involved with keeping chickens in the Eglu Cube
    Eglu Cube chicken coop, get fresh eggs straight from your garden
    The Eglu Cube is a practical and efficient space for your hens
    Omlet Cube, the large hygienic chicken coop for healthy chickens
    Omlet automatic coop door opener
    Eglu Cube has smooth plastic surfaces, easy to wipe down and mite resistant
    The innovative design of the eglu cube allows easy cleaning and comfort for your hens
    Omlet Eglu Cube is easy to move
    Omlet Cube with added walk in run
    Omlet Cube with a run is perfect for any backyard
    In the Eglu Cube hens are secure and protected from the weather and predators

    6 Things You'll Love About the Eglu Cube® ❤️

    • Quick and easy to clean surfaces
    • Keeps hens safe and secure 
    • Easy to move on wheels
    • Spacious laying box separate from roosting area
    • Hens will be comfortable all year thanks to twin-wall insulation
    • Easy to maintain

    Houses up to 10 Hens

    The Eglu Cube is the perfect hen house for all types of chicken keepers, whether you’ve got a large existing flock or have just started with a few hens but are already planning to expand.

    The coop is perfect for the following sizes:

    Up to 10 bantams 
    Up to 8 medium size hens 
    Up to 6 large breed hens

    The rear door panel can be simply unlocked and removed to give you full access to the inside where you’ll find your chickens have everything they need. There is draft free ventilation, a deep nesting booth, and your hens will sleep safely and snugly on the perfectly rounded roosting bars at night.

    Fresh Eggs Every Day

    The Eggport on the side of the Eglu Cube gives you direct access to the nest box, so that you, or your children, can run out in the morning and collect those still warm eggs for breakfast!

    The Eglu Cube has a spacious yet private nesting box where up to 3 chickens at a time can lay in comfort. The central partition has a sliding door that you can use to close the nest at night to stop hens who might be tempted to roost in there.

    Quick and Easy to Clean

    Cleaning your chicken coop is easy. With the Eglu Cube there’s no bending down, no relentless scrubbing or nasty chemicals. . Just the satisfying feeling of a job well done!

    • Smooth, wipe-clean surfaces
    • Clean with just a pet-safe disinfectant and your garden hose
    • Can be pressure washed and dries quickly
    • Slide out droppings tray - just empty into your compost heap
    • Move to a fresh patch of grass with the smooth wheels
    • Removable parts for easy cleaning
    • No woodgrain for th emites to hide in

    Keeps Your Flock Safe

    Omlet understand the importance of knowing your chickens are safe in their home. That’s why the Eglu is not just an incredibly strong chicken house, but also has a spacious, secure run made from heavy duty steel weld mesh with a unique anti-tunnel skirt that even the most persistent of predators will be deterred from trying to break or dig through.

    Eglu coops and runs have been keeping hens all across the globe safe for over 20 years, and no other chicken coop offers such an impressive level of protection.

    Comfortable All Year Round

    Chicken keepers from New Zealand to Canada and everywhere in between swear by the Eglu Cube. Why? Because it provides protection from all types of weather extremes.

    The Eglu has a unique twin-wall insulation system that works in a similar way to double glazing, trapping your hens body heat inside, while ensuring cold air on the outside doesn’t penetrate the sides of the coop.

    In summer the same system, in combination with the draught-free ventilation, will keep your hens cool by letting fresh air flow through the chicken house, without blowing straight over the roosting area.

    Built to Last

    The Eglu Cube chicken house and run is designed for minimal maintenance. Unlike wooden houses, you’ll never need to paint, treat or reroof your Eglu Cube, which will save you plenty of time and money over the years.

    The Eglu Cube comes with everything you need to get your chickens moved in straight away. The step-by-step instruction manual and helpful how to build videos ensure building the coop is easy for one or two people.

    Coop Care

    Everything you Need to Get you Started 😊

    We want to make it as easy as possible for you to start keeping chickens, so whichever type of Eglu Cube you buy, you'll get an innovative, dishwasher-proof feeder and drinker in the matching Eglu colour. These fit neatly to the run or can be hung on an optional Feeder Drinker Stand. You will also receive 10 Omlet Egg Boxes, suitable for storing or giving away four fresh eggs at a time to family and friends.

    Click and drag to take a virtual tour inside the Eglu Cube

    Frequently Asked Questions 🐔

    Add an Autodoor for Flexibility and Peace of Mind

    The horizontal opening improves coop security, as predators cannot easily lift it. The optional coop light guides your chickens into the coop 5 minutes before the Autodoor closes. The Autodoor is easily installed on your eglu Cube with pre-existing fitting points. Add an Autodoor for Flexibility and Peace of Mind Omlet’s revolutionary Automatic Chicken Coop Door fits seamlessly onto the inside of the Eglu Cube with ready prepared fixing points. The Autodoor can be set to open and close at specific times or light levels, and is reliable in all weather conditions. The horizontal opening mechanism prevents predators from lifting the door, and the clever safety sensors detect obstructions, keeping your hens safe and happy.

    Shop Autodoor

    Design a Playground for your Hens

    Combine your Eglu Cube with other popular poultry products to give your hens more space: Omlet  Chicken Fencing or an Omlet Walk-In Chicken Run.

    Add Omlet’s expertly designed chicken accessories to enrich your chooks’ henvironment. The Omlet Caddi Treat Holder works a treat for greens or the Peck Toys. The Freestanding Omlet Perch adds hentertainment and keeps hens busy.

    Eglu Cube Specifications 

    • A | 155cm
    • B | 230cm
    • C | 117cm

    The Eglu Cube Chicken Coop is perfect for up to 10 smaller chickens.
    When setting up your Eglu, you should allow 90cm of space at the back of the house to allow the droppings tray to slide out easily and 60cm at the front to allow you to open the run door.
    Note: 1 metre of the run sits below the Eglu Cube house.

    House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Polyethylene, Powder-Coated Steel
    Run: Double layer fully coated steel weld mesh
    Bolts, Screws and Molded Inserts: Stainless Steel

    Packaging Dimensions:
    Box A House 1 of 2: 90cm x 33cm x 64cm (18.7kg)
    Box B House 2 of 2: 100cm x 32cm x 65cm (24.2kg)
    Box C Frame and Ladder: 98cm x 58cm x 11cm (12.9kg)
    Box D Run: 99cm x 58cm x 94cm (17.7kg)
    Box E Wheels: 95cm x 27cm x 12cm (5kg)
    Box F Run Extension: 100cm x 55cm x 79cm (10.3kg)


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