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Eglu Go Hutch 1m Run
Eglu Go Hutch 2m Run
Omlet Outdoor Rabbit Run
Apex Rabbit House
Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System
Zippi Rabbit Runs & Playpens
Zippi Rabbit Platforms
Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms
Zippi Rabbit Shelter
Zippi Mini Lop Small Rabbit & Guinea Pig Shelter
Rabbit Play Tunnel
Mini Lop Small Rabbit & Guinea Pig Play Tunnels
Omlet Caddi Rabbit and Guinea Pig Treat Holder
Eglu Go Hutch ONLY
Eglu Hutch + Connection Kit for Outdoor Rabbit Run

We have a great selection of rabbit keeping equipment, rabbit housing, rabbit feed and rabbit keeping accessories. Best sellers are the Eglu Go Hutches and Outdoor Rabbit Runs. Choose from a 1m or 2m Run for more hop room! Plus check out our NEW Omlet Zippi Tunnels and Rabbit Playpens for more creative play.


What Sets Appletons Apart Regarding a Hutch for Rabbits?

Understanding the need for a rabbit hutch is an important step but, finding the right product and making a smart purchase is, too. At Appletons, we take great pride in offering pet owners across New Zealand a simpler, more cost-effective way to create an adequate space for happy animal living. What are the key points of difference we offer to our customers? Here's how we stand out:

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