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It all started with an egg

Appletons specialize in everything CHICKEN and more from incubation to point of lay. If thinking of keeping chickens and not sure where to start talk to us we can set you up with everything you need to keep happy hens in your backyard. We specialize in premium poultry and animal housing - quality, pre-made, pre-assembled kitsets being our speciality. We have a fantastic range of poultry supplies and stock everything from incubators and brooding equipment to feeders, drinkers, healthcare products and quality poultry feed. If looking for hens that lay lots of eggs we stock the prolific brown shaver pullets. Here at Appletons our dedication to preserving the heritage breeds has been a passion for us  and we are still working hard to improve and keep these breeds going for future generations. Our range of timber housing include stock shelters for goats, sheep and pigs. We stock the premium range of Westons stock feed and bird feed & treats from Topflite.

We are delighted to be in partnership with Omlet UK. They designed a revolutionary new chicken house which made it simpler to keep chickens in gardens. It looked rather like an igloo and in a moment of punning genius that would define the next generation of chicken keepers, they named it the Eglu and an icon was born. Since then Omlet’s designs have delighted thousands of pets and their owners around the world through their uncompromising attention to detail and innovative ideas. Omlet re-imagines the way we live with and look after our pets to bring us closer together. Omlet design rabbit hutches which allow rabbits and guinea pigs to express their natural behaviour. Eglu chicken coops to keep chickens safe. The Fido Dog Studio and Qute Mouse House (which look great in any living room, kitchen or bedroom) bring our pets into the heart of our homes. The Zippi Rabbit Tunnel System, Zippi Runs & Platforms offer everything your pet rabbit or guinea pig need to feel safe, secure and adventurous. The Omlet Catio is a fantastic outdoor space to keep your pet cat or cats (elderly, poorly or expensive) safe and secure. The revolutionary Geo Bird Cage is a breathtaking, contemporary design that redefines what a pet bird's habitat can and should be. Topology, the NEW luxury dog bed with customisable toppers and feet, is the latest Omlet innovation and we are now excited to be offering this quality bed to all dog lovers in NZ. In October 2021 we will be launching the Maya Cat Range and Zippi Platforms.Working with Omlet is very exciting for us as we get to share all their wonderful, quality products with all pet lovers in New Zealand.

Everyone at Appletons is committed to providing you and your pets with fantastic products and top quality service because you are just as important to us as we know your chooks and pets are to you. We’d love to hear from you so send an email to info@chooks.co.nz with feedback, questions or suggestions.

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We love hearing from our customers 😊

"Thank you very much.

For all those out there contemplating the delight of keeping a few chooks.

Appletons is THE place to start. Nothing but friendly and helpful advice from the first phone call until the last egg.

The Ultimate Coop on Wheels seemed a little costly when I saw it on their website but I can promise you it is not. All the little problems that I recall from an A Frame house years ago, have all been designed out. This coop is built like the proverbial Outhouse and will be in service for years to come. It all goes together faster than Lego Bricks and just as easy. Did the whole thing from start to finish in an hour, thereabouts, with various tea breaks to admire my fine work!

Once we had the coop set up the chickens arrived. The box the ladies turned up in was a work of art in itself. Complete with a little drinker and food for their journey. I have been less well looked after by Air New Zealand.

Fionna and Gordon will answer any and all of your questions. Give them a call."

Richard, Dunedin