Got Red Mites in Your Hen House? These Products will help...


The benefits of keeping chickens is rewarding in so many ways. With healthy, well feed hens come the supply of fresh delicious eggs...

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A chook house should provide chickens with a place to sleep (roost) and a place to lay eggs. It should offer protection from the elements...

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Feeding your chickens quality feed is the way to achieve healthy, happy, productive hens. What you put in is what you get out!

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Chickens are no different to humans and are susceptible to illness and disease. Take time to monitor the daily health and...

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Pecking order

It is very important when keeping poultry to be aware of how the pecking order works within a flock. Best to purchase all from the same breeder....

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It is perfectly natural for heritage hens to go broody. It is in their genes! The heavy breeds are more inclined to do so than the light breeds.

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Hatching eggs

Buying in hatching eggs is the most economical way of starting or adding to your existing flock. Day old chicks if not raised under...

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Raising chicks

Chicks can either be hatched from eggs in an incubator or under a broody hen or purchased as day olds from a breeder.

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Meat birds

We have been growing on our heavy breed cockerels for some time now and processing them for the table. They make an excellent...

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