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  • March 2024 Chicks | Day Old Brown Shaver Chick & Crumble Combo | Pick Up Only March 2024 Chicks | Day Old Brown Shaver Chick & Crumble Combo | Pick Up Only

    March 2024 Chicks | Day Old Brown Shaver Chick & Crumble Combo | Pick Up Only

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    Pick up only. Available for Pre-order. Our next lots of day old chicks are scheduled for pick up early March 2024. Please note there is a small possibility pick up could change. We will notify you via email on hatch day if the hatchery experiences a short hatch. If you live out of town it is always best to give us a call before you head out to confirm the chicks have arrived. Please bring a small box with some kitchen paper towel on the bottom. A small box is best as the chicks will stay warmer 😊 PICK UP ONLYIf your address is not local (ie. you live in Blenheim, Murchison or on the West Coast) please use 270 Mt Heslington Road, Brightwater as your shipping address to avoid being charged shipping. We sell a minimum of 3 chicks and the feed is included with your purchase. Weston Chicks Choice 25kg is what the chicks will be eating up to POL.   All are vaccinated against Marek's and Salmonella. Pick Up is ONLY on hatch day. If you are looking for hens that lay lots of lovely brown eggs then these are the chicks for you!Chicks will need to be kept warm in a brooder box with a warm area (heat lamp or heat plate as a heat source) where they can sleep and a cooler area they can feed and drink. Until they are fully feathered and the weather starts to warm up they will need to be kept indoors or in a shed. Happy to show the buyer what to do and what they need to eat etc. We recommend Weston Milling Chicks Choice as the optimum feed to grow good, healthy chicks. It contains the right type of proteins (animal proteins). Terms of purchase: If you cancel your pre-order for brown shaver chicks you will be charged a cancellation fee of $10.00 A Shopify payments transaction charge of 3.6% per order if your payment is made online by card.  Pick up only from our Mt. Heslington Road Shop near Brightwater. Please do not place an order if you cannot collect from our store. For orders over 24 please pre-order 4 weeks in advance. Future Chick & Crumble Combo : PickUp Dates (these can change) Wednesday afternoon 30th August 2023 sold out Wednesday afternoon 1st November 2023 sold out Wednesday afternoon 6th March 2024 Available

    $88.00 - $214.00

  • Pullets | Brown Shavers Pullets | Brown Shavers

    January 2024 Pullets | Brown Shavers | 10 Weeks of Age | Pick Up Only

    Available now for pre-order.10 weeks of age on pick up.These pullets will be POL late March - early April 2024 Only available for pick up on the following days: Wednesday 10th January 9am - 5 pmFriday 12th January  9am-5pmSaturday Morning 13th January 9am - 12.30pm Terms of purchase: Payment required on placing your order - thank you. Price is per pullet and includes GST. Minimum order of 3 pullets. Maximum order of 12 pullets. Due to current demand we have to put a cap on numbers - sorry! Bag of feed will need to be ordered separately or collected and paid for when pullets are picked up.  Chicks Choice  (fresh feed is best) Collection needs to be on the dates specified. We cannot grow then on to point of lay. PICK UP ONLY from our Brightwater Store in Mt Heslington Road.  We cannot courier livestock.  Please do not place an order if you cannot collect. If you cancel your pre-order for brown shaver pullets you will be charged a cancellation fee of $5 per pullet. A Shopify payments transaction charge of 3.6% per order if your payment is made online by card. Please honour our 12 limit. We will cancel all order placed for 13 or more birds and our terms of sale will apply. Orders placed over this amount and refunded will be charged the 3.6% Shopify commission. Thank you. PICK UP ONLYIf purchasing pullets from us they will need to go with a bag of the same feed that they have been on and are accustomed too. This means one less stress when they move to their new home and coop.  It is company policy and in the best interests of the fowl they go to their new home with a bag of Chicks Choice. Please do not place an order if you are not happy to purchase a bag of feed with your pullets. We are happy to advise with tips and advice on getting your new girls settled in. It is important to be aware that if you have purchased pullets that are POL or just started laying they will go off the lay for a while once they move homes. This is perfectly normal as their routine has been interrupted and they need to adjust to a new perch, new flock mates and new surroundings. All our brown shavers have been vaccinated as day-old chicks at the hatchery. They are injected with Marek’s and sprayed with Megan®Salmonella Vac 1 vaccine. They are flock birds and live in family groups so keeping one or two is not really ideal, especially if you lose one and the last one is then left on its own. If we do keep them longer for you the cost goes up $3 per week. Our brown shaver girls are happy and healthy and raised with care.They are shed raised and once-off heat (and a good size!) we let them outside to start enjoying the greens, fresh air, sunshine and all the other delights of being a free-range chook. We feed them on a premium quality chick feed - Weston,s Chicks Choice. They are best feed on this up to 18 weeks or point of lay. They have this quality feed available all times for optimum growth. We find the Weston Milling feed to be the best feed as it contains both naturally occurring ruminant proteins (blood, meat and bone meal) and vegetable-based proteins. Feeding quality feed for the first 18 weeks makes all the difference and will grow good, strong, healthy birds.  Good, strong, healthy birds if well looked after and kept on premium layer pellets will reward you with many eggs.


Brown Shaver chickens

When looking to keep chickens the first question to ask is “What is the main reason for keeping hens?”
If the answer is “primarily for eggs” then we definitely recommend going with the commercial hybrids - the brown shavers. Brown shavers also make great pets for young children as well as keeping the family well supplied with eggs. For chook newbies these girls are an excellent first choice and will not disappoint with their vigour for life and their awesome ability to lay. But how you care and feed for them also plays a huge part in how well they are going to lay…


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