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  • Appletons Gift Cards

    Gift Card

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    Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?Give them the gift of choice with a Appletons gift card. Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.Our gift cards have no additional processing fees.

    $50.00 - $1,000.00

  • Freestanding Chicken Perch | Omlet Freestanding Chicken Perch | Omlet

    Freestanding Chicken Perch | Omlet

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    Omlet's Freestanding Chicken Perch gives your chickens the opportunity to get the full free-range experience! Hentertaining, moveable and completely customisable, it's the chicken accessory both humans and hens have been waiting for!

    $199.00 - $369.00

  • Appletons Chicken Treat Box Chicken Pendant Peck Toy

    Chicken Treats Box | Appletons

    2 reviews

    Delicious treats for chickens. Spoil your hens or someone you know who has them! 😊 RRP$95.00  SAVE $10 Includes: Omlet Peck Toy (great hentertainment!) Chook Edibles 30g (sow some delicious greens) 2kg Topflite Scratch & Lay (delicious treats for inside peck toy) Topflite 125g Mealworms (scrumptious protein snacks!) Topflite Poultry Pecker (gourmet chicken treat) 4 leg bands (red, yellow, green, blue) (chicken bling!) 2 x bouncy rubber eggs (perfect for the nest) Omlet Novelty Egg Carton (excellent little gift egg carton) 2kg Shellgrit (for delicious firm-shelled eggs)


  • Dust Bath Bowl Kit | Appletons Appletons Dust Bath Bowl Kit

    Dust Bath Bowl Kit | Appletons

    4 reviews

    All chickens get clean by getting dirty 😊 Just like a human bathtub, a dust bath to chickens is all about cleanliness. It’s not only chickens who like to hit the dirt – you may spot other birds such as sparrows and blackbirds taking a dust bath too. The dust or sand absorbs surplus moisture and oils on the skin. A dirt bath maintains the water resistance of the outer feathers of a chicken. It also deters parasites such as mites and lice by coating the insects’ breathing pores or simply driving them away. Dust bathing is an important part of keeping chickens healthy and clean. Once fully coated in dust or sand, the chicken will have a shake-down, just like a dog after a dip in a river. A quick preen of the feathers, and they’ll be all done and dusted. Literally. In addition to these physical benefits, dust-bathing is also thought to be mentally rewarding for hens. It helps them relax, and is a way of socialising too. Keep your hens mite and lice free with an Appletons Dust Bath Kit.  Your Appletons Dust Bath Kit includes: Recycled rubber dust bath bowl with carry handles – heavy duty 1 cup calcium carbonate + REFILL 1 x 1.5kg Fine Sand + REFILL 1 cup Wood Ash + REFILL A dash of Medicinal Herbs (depending on availability can be lavender, rosemary, lemon balm or mint) We have supplied all you need except for the dry dirt which is best sourced from your own backyard. Make sure it is dry, fine and friable.Dust Bath Bowl is best placed undercover or out of the rain on wet days. Refills available


  • Omlet Hi-Vis Chicken Jackets Omlet Hi-Vis Chicken Jackets

    Hi-Vis Chicken Jackets | Omlet

    5 reviews

    Omlet's new chicken jackets are great for keeping your chickens warm, dry and clean when out and about on the building site (your garden). Newly rescued battery hens whose feathers are a little sparse, or hens who have recently moulted will appreciate the jacket's extra warmth. Plus perfect for keeping the hens protected from overzealous roosters.  

  • The Chicken Swing The Chicken Swing

    The Chicken Swing

    10 reviews

    The ultimate toy for chickens.  Following its huge success in the USA and the UK, The Chicken Swing is here in NZ, and it's ready to bring fun to all our feathered friends. Chicken toys don't get any better than this! Suitable for use in any chicken run. Chickens Love to Swing!All chicken keepers know that birds love to perch and they will hop on to anything they can lay their feet on to give them a good view of the world. The Chicken Swing is a great perch idea because it provides more than just a place to sit - it actually swings! The patented design allows chickens to pump the swing themselves, with no need for a friendly push from the owner. Shaped like a mailbox, with a corn-like texture for grip, the Chicken Swing allows chickens of all types and ages to torque the perch. Quite simply, your hens will be swinging themselves silly in no time. The Best Boredom Buster for Chickens Ideal for hanging in any chicken coop, enclosure or chicken run, The Chicken Swing is a great hen toy that will reduce boredom and keep your pets hentertained. They'll love being able to hop up as they please, stretch their wings and swing back and forth above their pals. Synchronised swinging is also very much acceptable, should your chickens decide to share their new toy. Made from safe quality parts that are built to last. The Chicken Swing is suitable for poultry of all ages and breeds. The Chicken Swing has a raised corn-like surface that is easy for hens to grip with their feet, ensuring they feel stable during play time. Installing and adjusting The Chicken Swing is easy with its secure, simple to attach, plastic rope buckles. Attach the optional cross member to the top of your chicken run to make The Chicken Swing even more sturdy and secure. Although it is best to introduce chickens to the swing when they are young, adults will soon get the hang of it too. Attach The Chicken Swing so it hangs close to the ground, and as your chicks or chickens get used to climbing on, increase the height. Eventually, you will want it hanging high enough so as not to be an obstacle to any hens on the ground. Perch measures 16.25" in length. The Chicken Swing is a fantastic accessory for every chicken keeping area, and you are sure to henjoy watching your pets in action as much as they enjoy using it.  10 Steps to Swing - Click here for 10 easy steps to help you get your chickens swinging!


  • Peck Toy Treat Dispenser | Omlet Peck Toy Treat Dispenser | Omlet

    Peck Toy Treat Dispenser | Omlet

    15 reviews

    Happy hens are busy hens! Omlet’s Pendant and Poppy Peck Toys are the great interactive feed toys your chickens have been waiting for. They combine fun, enriching entertainment with a tasty and rewarding flow of treats. Simple to install in any chicken coop or chicken run. The Peck Toy can be filled with corn, chicken feed, mixed grit or any other combination of your flock's favourite hard treats. Once filled it is guaranteed to become the centre of attention! Cleverly designed to provide a slow release of treats, the Peck Toy will maintain your hen's interest and keep them coming back for more tasty fun with their favourite chicken toy, time and time again. Slow Feed ReleaseThanks to its carefully designed treat dispenser the Peck Toy releases its contents slowly over a period of time when pecked at by playful hens. This means it not only provides an engaging and lasting challenge for your flock but it is also an ideal way to make your chicken treats last longer. The slow release nature of the Peck Toy also helps to guard against a dominant few hens having all the fun and gives the whole flock a chance to get stuck in. Boredom Busting FunNot only will your hens have a lot of fun playing with the Peck Toy, it also encourages and provides a healthy outlet for natural chicken behaviours such as pecking and foraging. Unlike with traditional chicken feeders, the random scattering of treats that occurs when the toy is pecked ensures your chickens will have to work for their rewards and it presents them with an interesting challenge. Providing added enrichment and mental stimulation to your hens routine not only helps to keep boredom at bay but it is also proven to improve flock behaviour. "My girls absolutely love their peck toy, I started out using it just for treats but now I also use it for their feed because it's such a great activity for them. It's so fun watching them peck at it, they got the hang of it straight away and honestly I can't imagine using anything else now." Helen Two Legendary DesignsThe Peck Toy is available in two great designs - both hold the same amount of treats and are quick and easy to install - and each provide chickens with their own unique blend of challenge and intrigue. The dispenser for both versions of the toy measures approx 15cm x 8.5cm and holds approx 300g corn (0.52 liters). It has 27 holes of 4mm width spaced evenly around all sides. The Poppy Peck ToyChickens can’t help falling in love with the Poppy Peck Toy. It simply pushes into the ground at your chosen location before getting all shook up as the treat dispenser attached to the top of the flexible pole gets pecked at. The pole provides a varying amount of spring which flicks the treats randomly from the dispenser for your hens to forage and enjoy. With an assembled height of approximately 52cm, the Poppy Peck Toy is the king of hentertainment. "AMAZING! Keeps my chickens entertained! They love it! And it's very easy to use" Poppy The Pendant Peck ToyWith the Pendant Peck Toy, the suspended feed dispenser sways when pecked at resulting in a fun moving target for your chickens to hone in on. It comes complete with an adjustable string to allow it to be hung from your Eglu Run, your Poletree Chicken Perch or the roof of any kind of chicken run.Supplied with a 100cm length of string, the Pendant Peck Toy is the champion of chicken feeders. Easy Re-Fill DispenserThe dispenser can be simply unscrewed for refilling and cleaning. To refill, simply unscrew the dispenser from it’s attachment and use it to scoop up your chosen treats before reattaching. When cleaning the dispenser we recommend using a non-scratch sponge and washing up liquid in warm soapy water. The dispenser is also dishwasher safe. How Many Peck Toys Does My Flock Need?This handy guide allows you to calculate the optimum number of Peck Toys for your flock. Using as a treat dispenser: 1 Peck Toy per 4 medium sized chickensUsing as a feed dispenser: 1 Peck Toy per 2 medium sized chickensUsing as a grit dispenser: 1 Peck Toy per 6 medium sized chickens

    $30.00 - $32.00

  • Caddi Chicken Treat Holder | Omlet Caddi Chicken Treat Holder | Omlet

    Caddi Chicken Treat Holder | Omlet

    8 reviews

    Busy hens are happy hens! Keep food off the ground and entertain your hens at the same time with the new Caddi Chicken Treat Holder from Omlet. The Fresh and Healthy Chicken FeederThe Caddi is great for feeding your chickens all kinds of food including fresh vegetables, fruit as well as blocks of seeds and nuts. Keeping your hen’s treats off the floor is not only tidy and practical but it’s the cleanest and healthiest way to feed your flock. The Caddi measures a generous 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across. It is made from heavy duty welded steel with a waterproof rain cap. Interactive Fun for Your ChickensWith the Caddi Treat Holder feeding time can be a great source of entertainment for your hens and enriches their environment. A Caddi treat holder can also be useful when adding new chickens to the flock as it’s a great form of distraction. The feeder gently swings as the food is pecked, creating a fun and engaging challenge for your chickens. It is also a fun way for children to feed and interact with their hens as they can easily fill and hang the feeder. Attaches Easily to Any Chicken RunThe nylon string is adjustable in length so that you can hang the Caddi Treat Holder from any type of chicken run, including wooden chicken coops, the Walk in Chicken Run or any of Omlet’s Eglu Chicken Runs. The plastic hook means it is quick and straightforward to detach the feeder for cleaning and refilling. "I have tried cabbage leaves, broccoli and spinach so far, all have been a big hit and have kept the hens entertained for hours. As soon as they see me coming down the garden to fill the Caddi they start jumping for joy!" Add Variety to Your Flock’s DietThe Caddi Treat Holder provides an easy way for you to increase the variety of food that you give to your chickens. The design is suitable for nearly all types of food and the increased dietary variety will help to improve your chicken’s general health and vitality and improve the quality of the eggs that they lay. For example spinach provides essential vitamins and minerals and make for lovely rich orange yolks. "The hens seem to need to 'tug' to eat their weeds and this holder satisfies the way they eat. Saves having to tie the bundle of greens to the mesh."  Combine with the Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys Why not combine your Caddi Treat Holder with Omlet's Poppy and Pendant Peck Toys to create the ultimate chicken treat feeding system? The Peck Toys are interactive grain feeders that combine fun, enriching entertainment with a tasty and rewarding flow of treats. The Pendant Peck Toy can be hung from your chicken's run while the Poppy Peck Toy simply pushes into the ground at your chosen location. "Love this for all the 'scratch and dent' veggies from the garden. Makes them last longer, keeps them clean and is a fun way for the chickens to stay engaged."

    $30.00 - $56.00

  • Omlet Chicken Perch 1m Omlet Chicken Perch

    Chicken Perch | Omlet

    6 reviews

    Give your chickens a brilliant new way to play. It’s a simple and quick way to enhance your chickens outdoor run with a fun accessory. The naturally weather resistant perch not only features an innovative bracket design - allowing it to be placed anywhere on any chicken run - but is also suitable for use by all breeds of chicken, making it the new must-have DIY chicken coop accessory! Hentertainment of the Highest OrderYour birds love to perch and not just in their house at night. During the day you've probably noticed that they will happily hop onto a wheelbarrow handle, the back of a chair or even on the edge of flower pot. It’s an instinct that comes from the very earliest chickens that lived in forests and today's domestic hens still have a natural desire to perch from the highest available point. Fits all Chicken Runs Whether you have an Eglu Chicken Coop or an Omlet Walk-In Chicken Run or a DIY chicken coop… the Omlet Chicken Perch will fit them all. This innovative perch for chickens has a special connector which clamps around any chicken wire or chicken mesh leaving a secure and very neat looking finish. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can add a perch to your chicken run that your hens will use every day. Extend and Reduce Length to Fit your Run ExactlyIf you require a longer perch then you can simply attach two bars together using the strong, rust free aluminium perch connector supplied with the 2 meter / 6ft chicken perch. We don’t recommend extending beyond 2m unless you provide your own additional support to the perch. You can shorten the perch by sawing it to the correct length. The perch connector and end caps neatly cover any cut surfaces. Attach Directly to Any Surface You can install the Chicken Perch inside any wooden chicken coop or timber run so that your hens may use it for during the day. Simply screw the perch into the wooden walls of your coop using the attachments provided and your chickens will have a brand new sturdy roosting bar to enjoy. Self tapping wood screws are supplied with the Chicken Perch for ease of assembly, so wherever you decide to position yours you can be sure it will be quick and simple to attach. Works Across CornersThe hinges allow the Chicken Perch to be connected either from one side of a run to the other or at an angle across the corner of a run, giving you the flexibility you need to make the most of the space within your chicken setup.Your chickens will love having a perch in their run and you can even add several at different heights to give your flock a choice of perches. Whilst it might not seem like an obvious activity, a static perch is actually one of the best additions you can make to your chickens run. And if you have a big flock of chickens, you can add several perches in different locations. Easy to fit and your hens will love it, order your Omlet Chicken Perch today! Specifications Made from naturally weather resistant eucalyptus, the perch is a comfortable size for bantams as well as large breeds of chickens to grip. Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole, this is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. It comes untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain. To get longer life from your perch we recommend you paint, varnish or stain it. Fits all chicken runs. It can be used as an outdoor chicken perch or indoor perch for chickens. Chicken Perch - SingleLength (assembled): Approx. 1 meterDiameter: 33mmChicken Perch - DoubleLength (assembled): Approx. 2 metersDiameter: 33mm

    $31.95 - $41.95

  • Omlet Novelty 4 Egg Cartons Omlet Novelty 4 Egg Cartons

    Novelty 4 Egg Cartons | Omlet

    7 reviews

    Omlet novelty 4-egg cartons. Includes 2 packs of 10 x 4 egg cartons (20 singles in total)It's nice to give our extra eggs away to friends - sometimes we might only have 4 eggs to spare not 6! These special cartons come in packs of 20. Each carton holds 4 eggs with a colourful Omlet label that can be personalised!


  • Your Poultry Book VOLUME 1 How To Care For Your Poultry | Volume 1

    How To Care For Your Poultry | Volume 1

    10 reviews

    Latest edition. The best reference book you can buy on keeping chickens. We highly recommend it!  All you need to know from a New Zealand perspective on feeding, housing, health, breeding, layers and meat birds. It will answer all your questions on caring for your poultry and be a great reference book. Volume 2 now available.


  • Your Poultry Book VOLUME 2 How To Care For Your Poultry | Volume 2

    How To Care For Your Poultry | Volume 2

    4 reviews

    For those of us that enjoyed volume 1: volume 2 is a must read! Some of the topics covered are gardening with poultry, feed, organic management, breeding purebreds and much much more. An excellent reference book. The perfect gift!


  • NZ Poultry Standard Edition 3

    NZ Poultry Standard Edition 3

    Every poultry breeder's bible! New Zealand Poultry Standards - Hard Covered Book.These Standards have been approved by the New Zealand (North Island) Poultry, Pigeon and Bird Association and the New Zealand (South Island) Poultry, Pigeon and Cage Bird Association. 310 pages. Over 70 in colour. Content Includes:The History of the New Zealand Poultry Standards. Preparation of Birds for Show. Instruction to Judges. Defects and Serious Defects. Nomenclature of both Male and Female Fowl. Glossary of Terms.Standards for: 1. Hard Feathered Fowl and Bantams, 2. Soft Feathered Heavy Breeds and Bantams, 3. Soft Feathered Light Breeds and Bantams, 4. True Bantams 5. Heavy Breed Ducks 6. Light Breed Ducks 7. Bantam Ducks 8. Geese 9. Turkeys 10. Guinea Fowl 11. Eggs.This book is your best reference book if you wish to know what is acceptable and what is considered a fault when it comes to breeding and showing birds. An absolute must-have for the serious Poultry Breeder and Show Exhibitor. Don't miss out, we only have very limited numbers available. This book can't be found in book shops, and can only be purchased new through poultry clubs or authorised sellers. 


  • Caddi Rabbit & Cavy Treat Holder | Omlet Keep food off the ground with a Caddi Rabbit & Cavy Treat Holder from Omlet

    Caddi Rabbit & Cavy Treat Holder | Omlet

    2 reviews

    Brilliant for both rabbits & guinea pigs. Keep food off the ground and entertain your rabbits and guinea pigs at the same time with the new Caddi Rabbit Treat Holder from Omlet.  The Fresh And Healthy FeederThe Caddi is great for feeding your pets all kinds of food including fresh fruit and vegetables and also makes an ideal hay feeder. Unlike a traditional food bowl, it keeps your pets treats elevated from the floor which is not only tidy and practical but it’s the cleanest and healthiest way to feed your pets. The Caddi measures a generous 20cm top to bottom and 8cm across. It is made from heavy duty welded steel for strength and durability and features a waterproof rain cap. "My bunnies go mad for some cabbage or strawberries - thanks to the Caddi I no longer have to crawl into their run to tidy up any leftovers!" Interactive Fun For Your Bunnies and Guinea PigsWith the Caddi Treat Holder feeding time can be a great source of entertainment for your pets and enriches their environment. The feeder gently swings as the food is consumed, creating a fun and engaging challenge for your pets. It is also a fun way for children to feed and interact with their pets as they can easily fill and hang the feeder. Attaches Easily To Any RunThe nylon string is adjustable in length so that you can hang the Caddi Treat Holder from any type of run or wooden hutch, the Outdoor Pet Run or any of Omlet’s Eglu Go  Runs. The plastic hook means it is quick and straightforward to detach the feeder for cleaning and refilling. "Very sturdy. It is bigger than expected. I bought two, but one is enough for our two rabbits. Swift delivery too. Thank you." Add Variety To Your Pets DietThe Caddi Treat Holder provides an easy way for you to increase the variety of food that you give to your rabbits and guinea pigs. It’s very important to give your pets a balanced diet each day to help them maintain their activity levels and dental health. The design of the Caddi is suitable for nearly all types of food and the increased dietary variety will help to improve your rabbit’s general health and vitality.

    $30.00 - $56.00

  • Low stock! Nectar Nourisher Nectar Nourisher

    Nectar Nourisher | Topflite

    5 reviews

    1 in stock

    Looking to attract tuis, bellbirds and waxeyes to your garden? Yes, the Nectar Nourisher might be a mouthful to say. But, with clever design and hygiene in mind, it delivers a delicious mouthful for your local feathered friends too. While many New Zealand natives feed on fruit and insects, tui and korimako (bellbird) prefer nectar. The Topflite Nectar Nourisher is proudly designed and made in New Zealand. Its red colour mimics the type of native flora attractive to NZ birdlife, and the functional design makes things easy for a thirsty bird once they arrive. This makes it a perfect bird feeder for attracting tūī, korimako (bellbirds), tauhou (waxeyes) and other nectar feeding birds to your garden.  Designed and made in NZ, for NZ birds Fill with nectar or sugar water Attract tūī, korimako and tauhou. Hang high away from those pesky predators Set-up instructionsUnscrew the glass bottle and fill with water, sugar water or a mix of water and Topflite Nectar Mix. Screw bottle in gently but firmly to help avoid any overflow or spillage. Important: Do not over-tighten the bottle into the feeder base thread, as it may crack. Place out of range from the local cats and, if possible, close to native trees and shrubs, which are the natural habitat for nectar loving birds. Cleaning instructionsCleaning bird feeders is vital in order to prevent the risk of disease in your local bird population.  Clean your feeder every time you refill. Wash with warm (but not hot) soapy water and rinse with cold water. Do not put plastic parts in the dishwasher. Old nectar may start to ferment. We recommend refreshing the mixture at least twice weekly. Dimensions: Top width: 85mm, Base width: 170mm and Height: 285mm (plus hanger). Glass bottle volume is 1000ml Frequently Asked Questions 1) Does nectar in bird feeders go stale or ferment?Yes it does. While we humans are partial to the odd fermented beverage, old sugar water or nectar is not good for birds. Leftover nectar or sugar water should be drained from the feeder after 2 - 3 days, and the feeder should be thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacterial growth. 2) Should I use white or brown sugar for feeding native birds?We recommend white or raw sugar. There is no scientific consensus that brown sugar offers benefits over and above white sugar, and equally, there’s no evidence it does any harm. We use raw sugar in our Wild Bird Nectar because it’s minimally processed and provides the golden colour that we know helps birds to locate a food source. 3) What ratio of sugar to water should I use in my nectar feeder?Manaaki Whenua and other researchers recommend a sugar concentration of around 20% (one cup of sugar per litre of water) This mimics the sugar concentration of natural plant nectar consumed by New Zealand nectar-sipping birds.

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  • Wild Bird Nectar Tui drinking nectar from a bird feeder

    Wild Bird Nectar | Topflite

    1 review

    Only the best for your garden tuis! A top-quality honey and glucose-based nectar ensure wild birds are well-conditioned for all-weather challenges.Ingredients: Raw sugar, Dextrose, Honey powder, Pollen, Ornithon. Available in a 500g and 2kg. This product can attract the following species: Silvereye Tui Waxeye Perfect for using in the Topflite Nectar Nourisher.

    $16.00 - $30.00

  • Appletons Gumboot Puller! Appletons Gumboot Puller!

    Gumboot Puller | Appletons

    1 review

    Boots off- no hands! The easy, hands-free way to remove your gumboots! We have had one of these clever gumboot pull-ers at each of our outside doors for years and had so many people ask us for one that we have now decided to add them to our product range!


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