The Chicken Swing



The Chicken Swing

Following its huge success in the USA and the UK, The Chicken Swing is here in NZ, and it's ready to bring fun to all our feathered friends. Chicken toys don't get any better than this! Suitable for use in any chicken run, The Chicken Swing is the ultimate toy for chickens. 

Customer Reviews

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Simon Schollum
Well designed and made with various options to suit a variety of locations, anchor point and heights

… Chickens happen and ours love this swing….

My chooks are not swingers!

I have young hens and have introduced them to the is ok with it, the others are not interested at all!! Hopefully my one swinger will encourage her friends. I guess time and patience is the key with this!! Always great service from appletons!!

Lisa Toko
Very quick service.

Very good customer service ..thankyou


Ticked all boxes

Jennifer C
Who knew? Chooks like to swing!

So despite my family thinking I was mad I went ahead and purchased this swing for my chooks. Out of the 4 there is one loves it!! Yet to get the other girls onto it. Well worth the purchase just for the laugh factor!! Absolutely hilarious to watch them on it!!!

Chickens Love to Swing!

All chicken keepers know that birds love to perch and they will hop on to anything they can lay their feet on to give them a good view of the world. The Chicken Swing is a great perch idea because it provides more than just a place to sit - it actually swings! The patented design allows chickens to pump the swing themselves, with no need for a friendly push from the owner. Shaped like a mailbox, with a corn-like texture for grip, the Chicken Swing allows chickens of all types and ages to torque the perch. Quite simply, your hens will be swinging themselves silly in no time.

The Best Boredom Buster for Chickens 

Ideal for hanging in any chicken coop, enclosure or chicken run, The Chicken Swing is a great hen toy that will reduce boredom and keep your pets hentertained. They'll love being able to hop up as they please, stretch their wings and swing back and forth above their pals. Synchronised swinging is also very much acceptable, should your chickens decide to share their new toy.

Made from safe quality parts that are built to last, The Chicken Swing is suitable for poultry of all ages and breeds. Although it is best to introduce chickens to the swing when they are young, adults will soon get the hang of it too. Attach The Chicken Swing so it hangs close to the ground, and as your chicks or chickens get used to climbing on, increase the height. Eventually, you will want it hanging high enough so as not to be an obstacle to any hens on the ground.

The Chicken Swing is a fantastic accessory for every chicken keeping area, and you are sure to henjoy watching your pets in action as much as they enjoy using it. Perch measures 16.25" in length.

10 Steps to Swing - Click here for 10 easy steps to help you get your chickens swinging!

Corn-like Grip

The Chicken Swing has a raised corn-like surface that is easy for hens to grip with their feet, ensuring they feel stable during play time.

Rope Buckles

Installing and adjusting The Chicken Swing is easy with its secure, simple to attach, plastic rope buckles.

Cross Member

Attach the optional cross member to the top of your chicken run to make The Chicken Swing even more sturdy and secure.

Your Pet Chicken will Love The Chicken Swing!