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  • Appletons Chicken Treat Box Chicken Pendant Peck Toy

    Chicken Treats Box | Appletons

    2 reviews

    Delicious treats for chickens. Spoil your hens or someone you know who has them! 😊 RRP$95.00  SAVE $10 Includes: Omlet Peck Toy (great hentertainment!) Chook Edibles 30g (sow some delicious greens) 2kg Topflite Scratch & Lay (delicious treats for inside peck toy) Topflite 125g Mealworms (scrumptious protein snacks!) Topflite Poultry Pecker (gourmet chicken treat) 4 leg bands (red, yellow, green, blue) (chicken bling!) 2 x bouncy rubber eggs (perfect for the nest) Omlet Novelty Egg Carton (excellent little gift egg carton) 2kg Shellgrit (for delicious firm-shelled eggs)


  • Appletons Chook Edibles Appletons Chook Edibles

    Chook Edibles | Appletons

    5 reviews

    Nutritious edible greens for chickens. Plantain/Minutina/Cocksfoot/Sorrel/Dandelion/Subterranean Clover/Red Clover/Beet Blend and Chicory Blend.A hardy blend of nutritious greens to grow in trays for confined poultry. Most have tap roots that will quickly re-grow leaves that are eaten. Either sown in open trays that can be placed in their enclosures or sow directly into the ground.  Sowing guidelines included.  Available in 30g and 100g packs.

    $9.95 - $19.95

  • Appletons Chicory Greens 20g Appletons Chicory Greens 20g

    Chicory Greens 20g | Appletons

    1 review

    Delicious leafy greens for hens. Chicory Giant Chioggia (Cichorium intybus).Chicory can be grown all year round for your chooks to enjoy. Lots of green, leafy upright growth; highly palatable, very nutritious and very beneficial for your chickens and pet rabbits. Grow Chicory Greens like you would silver beet for your chooks and pet rabbits to relish. Sowing guidelines included.


  • Appletons Wheatgrass 200g Appletons Wheat Greens 200g

    Wheat Greens 200g | Appletons

    4 reviews

    Quick to grow and highly nutritious. Wheat Grass (Triticum aestivus).Highly nutritious greens for your chooks. Rich in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and enzymes. Very easy to grow in open trays and place in rotation in your enclosed chicken run/s.


  • Topflite Poultry Pecker Topflite Poultry Pecker

    Poultry Pecker | Topflite

    11 reviews

    A gourmet treat for your favourite chooks! This powerhouse of chia, garlic and herbs is tightly packed into an enriching (and entertaining) tasty treat. The perfect way to keep your hens happy and health (while making them work for it) our Poultry Pecker is a nutritious boredom buster! Made with a selection of high-quality ingredients, the Poultry Pecker provides more than entertainment value, it delivers nutritional and digestive support. Grains, vegetables, chia, grit, garlic, and herbs are combined for a healthy treat designed to help with parasite protection and deter feather pecking. A tasty, nutritious treat for chooks Formulated to deliver a nutritional boost as well as keeping chooks busy as they work to peck out each tasty morsel. High quality ingredients, no fillers Contains a healthy mix of grains, vegetables, chia, garlic, herbs and grit. IngredientsWheat, kibbled maize, oats, coarse grit, black sunflower, green peas, carrot, broccoli, gelatine, garlic, chia seeds, oregano, parsley, mealworms

    $10.50 - $18.95

  • Topflite Hen Health Tonic 1kg Topflite Hen Health Tonic 1kg

    Hen Health Tonic 1kg | Topflite

    14 reviews

    Give your hens a healthy treat today! During moulting season, chickens need an extra boost to their diet. Hen Tonic is a mix of natural, nutrient-rich goodies that provide the essential nutrients required to support birds during a time when energy is often diverted to feather production rather than egg production. A healthy pick-me-up for chickens, packed full of goodness and tailor-made for laying hens. Hen Tonic includes rolled oats and wheat as a source of carbohydrates as well as sunflower seeds for Vitamin B, Vitamin B, Omega-6 Fatty Acids, Manganese, and protein. Garlic and seaweed flakes round up this powerhouse of protein and goodness. An ideal source of nutrients to boost health during the moulting season. Helps prevent low egg production that often occurs during moulting. Contains sunflower seeds for glossy, healthy feathers. Contains garlic to help prevent internal parasites. IngredientsRolled oats, wheat, sunflower seeds, garlic, seaweed flake.


  • Dried Mealworms | Topflite Topflite Dried Mealworms

    Dried Mealworms | Topflite

    37 reviews

    A protein-rich treat for chooks and other birds. Dried mealworms provide vital animal proteins to your poultry. Feed out no more than a handful per bird per day. Also, a great source of natural vitamins, minerals and key nutrients that birds and reptiles thrive on. Hens are definitely not vegetarian; they will go mad for this high-protein treat! It’s not just New Zealand’s wild birds that love mealworms – finches, canaries and other smaller species of aviary bird also love a tasty snack. Also pet reptiles love a dried worm to chew on. Provide some protein power to your pets. A great source of natural vitamins, minerals and key nutrients. All natural feed great for wild birds looking to feed their young. Enjoyed by a range of aviary and wild birds. Ingredients Dried mealworm. Nothing more, nothing less. Nutritional Analysis: Protein: 50%, Fat 25%, Fibre 8%, Moisture 10% Available in a 125g pouch or 500g pouch.

    $16.95 - $49.95

  • Topflite Insect Medley 125g Topflite Insect Medley

    Insect Medley 125g | Topflite

    12 reviews

    Go on spoil them! Our Insect Medley pack provides the perfect protein treat for wild birds, chickens and reptiles. Loaded with calcium and protein, these insects provide essential nutrients (tasting delicious at the same time). For reptiles, insects are an important part of their diet in the wild. They will love the mouthfuls of tasty treats. Let chickens do what chickens do best by giving them the chance to scratch around on the ground for tasty insects. And for many wild birds, insects are an essential serving of protein. Serve them up our quality feed.Chickens are definitely not vegetarian and will love this treat! 100% natural serving of insects for reptiles, poultry, wild birds, and tropical fish Insects are rich in protein and calcium. Chickens are often deficient in protein during moulting season, adding insects to boost protein and aid egg production. Contains crickets, mealworms, and grasshoppers. IngredientsDried crickets, dried mealworms, dried grasshoppers. Nutritional Analysis: Protein 65%, Fat 14.3%, Fibre 4%, Moisture 8%, Ash 3.53%, Minerals 3% Feeding GuideFeed ad hoc, birds will regulate their intake as required.  Place in a feeder or spread on the ground to encourage natural foraging behaviour for wild birds and poultry.Pet owners can feed from two to five insects per meal, depending on the size of the animal and the species type. For smaller fish and reptiles, they will need to break the bigger insects into easily digestible pieces.It is important owners know that these treats should only be served as part of a complete diet. While helpful in delivering valuable nutrition and diversity into their diets no animal can survive on this food alone. That is why many people choose to mix insects with their regular wild bird feed for backyard birds to dine on. 


  • Topflite Super Sprout Mix Topflite Super Sprout Mix

    Super Sprout Mix | Topflite

    Nature's super food for chickens and other birds. Supersize your bird’s nutritional intake with our renowned super sprout mix. Sprouts mix is an excellent way to boost amino acids and antioxidants and, very helpfully, there’s no special equipment required – simply add water, soak and wait for the goodness to arrive… Sprouted seeds are the bird equivalent of a superfood as, when a seed is soaked and begins to sprout, stored nutrients are unlocked and higher amounts of natural goodness becomes available. Super Sprout delivers this along with vitamins and minerals, making it ideally suited to medium and larger birds (cockatiels through to macaws and chickens too!).  Sprouted seeds boost available nutrients. New Zealand grown sunflower seeds. Suitable for medium and larger birds (cockatiels to macaws). Source of essential amino acids and antioxidants. No equipment needed (or phone booth for the bird to change costume). An all natural superfood made up of sprout-able seed suitable for large birds (cockatiel to macaw)  Provides increased amino acids and antioxidants. Soak this mix and let it sprout, then feed it to your birds for extra nutrition, vitamins and minerals for optimum bird health.  Ingredients: Maple peas, white peas, blue peas, buckwheat, mung beans, lentils, popcorn, whole maize, NZ sunflower, and wheat. Available in a 2kg and 5kg pack. Sprouting Instructions 🌱 RINSE well until water runs clear SOAK for 8-12 hours in a bowl, well covered in water Spread sprouts in a colander, bag or dish and place in a dark, well ventilated area RINSE well several times a day Super Sprout is ready for use when tails first begin to appear Rinse well and allow to dry off before serving. NEVER feed old or spoiled sprouts. Sprouts should smell sweet and earthy, not sour.  

    $18.00 - $32.00

  • Aviary Mix | Topflite 2kg Topflite Aviary Mix

    Aviary Mix | Topflite

    2 reviews

    A seed mix suitable for a wide range of birds. Fill up the feeding bowl and watch all your birds of a feather flock together for a healthy and nutritious meal. They’ll love this premium seed and grain mix designed specifically for happy, healthy aviary birds. Containing sunflower seeds, linseeds, canary seeds, and more, Aviary Mix is a simple, no-fuss way to ensure your birds are getting the nutrients they need. The carefully formulated mix of seeds provides the essential carbohydrates and proteins needed to keep aviary birds strong and healthy. A healthy mix of seeds for all aviary birds. A delicious all-rounder, suitable for most aviary birds. Source of carbohydrates and protein. Mix may germinate (as it contains mostly NZ grown products). Ingredients: Canary Seed, Barley, Hulled Oats, Panicum, Oilseed Rape, Sunflower, Wheat, White French Millet, Safflower, Linseed. Analysis: Protein 13.0%, Fat 13.2%, Fibre 10.6% Yes we courier Please note all our 20kg feed bags are sent out in large heavy-duty plastic bags 😊Please recycle these where you can ♻️

    $16.00 - $82.00

  • Topflite Scratch & Lay Topflite Scratch & Lay

    Scratch & Lay | Topflite

    11 reviews

    The perfect scratch treat for laying hens. This premium mixture is made to a specific formulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat with added vitamins and minerals for laying hens. A free-flowing grain and pellet mix that keeps hens in top laying condition. Ingredients: Barley, canary seeds, wheat, oats, kibbled maize, kibbled green peas, poultry pellets (soya bean meal, peas, wheat by-products (Broll) and vegetable oil), sunflower seeds, grit. Analysis: Protein 16%, Fibre 4.0%, Fat 2.9% Please note we do not recommend feeding this out to your poultry as their sole diet. It is recommended only as a treat feed. Feed out to your hens by the handful when you go to check on them daily preferably in the late afternoon. Yes, we can courierPlease note all our 20kg feed bags are sent out in large heavy-duty plastic bags 😊  Please recycle these where you can ♻️

    $19.00 - $48.00

Hen pecking at treat toy

Enrich your chickens lives; keep them busy and topped up with nutritious treats!
Growing greens for your hens and treating them with high-protein treats will supplement their nutritional needs and help you bond with your hens. Appletons offer a great range of greens you can grow for your chickens and some delicious nibbles and treats for your flock. Spoil them - they deserve it! Read more


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