Topflite Scratch & Lay



Topflite Scratch & Lay

The perfect scratch treat for your laying hens
This premium mixture is made to a specific formulation of protein, carbohydrate and fat with added vitamins and minerals for laying hens. A free-flowing grain and pellet mix that keeps hens in top laying condition.

Ingredients: Barley, canary seeds, wheat, oats, kibbled maize, kibbled green peas, poultry pellets (soya bean meal, peas, wheat by-products (Broll) and vegetable oil), sunflower seeds, grit. 
Analysis: Protein 16%, Fibre 4.0%, Fat 2.9%
Please note we do not recommend feeding this out to your poultry as their sole diet. It is recommended only as a treat feed. Feed out to your hens by the handful when you go to check on them daily preferably in the late afternoon.

Yes, we can courier
Please note all our 20kg feed bags are sent out in large heavy-duty plastic bags 😊  Please recycle these where you can ♻️

For pride in their pecking order

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Claire Chase
Scratch and Lay

Chickens love it - and so do the sparrows!

Chris Bell

Topflite Scratch and Lay


Great as always

Helen Campbell
Chicken treats

Fantastic product and my girls love it.

Paul Wiechern
Chicken feed

We are very happy with our experience at Appleton’s, and we thank you for your experience and knowledge you are willing to impart:-)