Omlet Chicken Perch



Omlet Chicken Perch

Give your chickens a brilliant new way to play in their chicken run with Omlet’s sleek new Chicken Perch. It’s a simple and quick way to enhance your chickens outdoor run with a fun accessory. The naturally weather resistant perch not only features an innovative bracket design - allowing it to be placed anywhere on any chicken run - but is also suitable for use by all breeds of chicken, making it the new must-have DIY chicken coop accessory!

Customer Reviews

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Diane Pentz
Happy chooks

The chooks love their living arrangements with the extension. Great product. Very satisfied.

Hens love it

Great and handy! Love the design and materials.


Chickens love it but only lasted a couple of years hence having to buy a replacement.

Omlet Perch

My girls love their perch.
A fabulous design for the eglu coop.
I love everything about omlet and the accessories - great design highly recommend.

Amazing Chicken Perch

This Chicken Perch is an awesome product so easy to assemble and fits into all sorts of spaces. I used it on an angle from the back wall of the chicken coup across to the side wall. My chickens just love it as I have been having trouble with them perching at night. now lots of the chickens perch on this new perch at night. I highly recommend it a very clever product.

Hentertainment of the Highest Order

Your birds love to perch and not just in their house at night. During the day you've probably noticed that they will happily hop onto a wheelbarrow handle, the back of a chair or even on the edge of flower pot. It’s an instinct that comes from the very earliest chickens that lived in forests and today's domestic hens still have a natural desire to perch from the highest available point.

Fits all Chicken Runs 

Whether you have an Eglu Chicken Coop or an Omlet Walk-In Chicken Run or a DIY chicken coop… the Omlet Chicken Perch will fit them all. This innovative perch for chickens has a special connector which clamps around any chicken wire or chicken mesh leaving a secure and very neat looking finish. It’s one of the easiest and cheapest ways you can add a perch to your chicken run that your hens will use every day.

It can be used as an outdoor chicken perch or indoor perch for chickens.

Extend and Reduce Length to Fit your Run Exactly

If you require a longer perch then you can simply attach two bars together using the strong, rust free aluminium perch connector supplied with the 2 meter / 6ft chicken perch. We don’t recommend extending beyond 2m unless you provide your own additional support to the perch. You can shorten the perch by sawing it to the correct length. The perch connector and end caps neatly cover any cut surfaces.

Attach Directly to Any Surface 

You can install the Chicken Perch inside any wooden chicken coop or timber run so that your hens may use it for during the day. Simply screw the perch into the wooden walls of your coop using the attachments provided and your chickens will have a brand new sturdy roosting bar to enjoy. Self tapping wood screws are supplied with the Chicken Perch for ease of assembly, so wherever you decide to position yours you can be sure it will be quick and simple to attach.

Works Across Corners

The hinges allow the Chicken Perch to be connected either from one side of a run to the other or at an angle across the corner of a run, giving you the flexibility you need to make the most of the space within your chicken setup.

Your chickens will love having a perch in their run and you can even add several at different heights to give your flock a choice of perches. Whilst it might not seem like an obvious activity, a static perch is actually one of the best additions you can make to your chickens run. And if you have a big flock of chickens, you can add several perches in different locations. Easy to fit and your hens will love it, order your Omlet Chicken Perch today!


Made from naturally weather resistant eucalyptus, the perch is a comfortable size for bantams as well as large breeds of chickens to grip. Eucalyptus is a very hard and strong wood, as it's a natural material you will find some splitting along the length of the pole, this is not a defect and is part of the wood's characteristics. It comes untreated, you can use it straight out the box or you can use a pet safe varnish, paint or wood stain. To get longer life from your perch we recommend you paint, varnish or stain it.

Chicken Perch - Single
Length (assembled): Approx. 1 meter
Diameter: 33mm

Packaging Dimensions: 96cm x 14cm x 14cm

Chicken Perch - Double
Length (assembled): Approx. 2 meters
Diameter: 33mm

Packaging Dimensions: 96cm x 14cm x 14cm

Fits All Chicken Runs 

It can be used as an outdoor chicken perch or indoor perch for chickens.

The single perch fits directly across the Eglu Cube (below), Eglu Go UP - Raised Coop (above) and Eglu Go Chicken Coop.

The double perch fits across the Original Eglu Cube and a 2m wide Chicken Walk-In Run (see below)