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Zippi Platforms | Guinea Pigs


Give your guinea pigs more space with Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms from Omlet. Designed to easily clip onto the enclosed Zippi Runs, these strong platforms enrich your guinea pigs run with new areas to explore.  Adapt and expand your Zippi Guinea Pig Platform set up at any time to create new playgrounds for your pets to enjoy.

Zippi Platforms | Guinea Pigs

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Give your guinea pigs more space with Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms from Omlet. Designed to easily clip onto the enclosed Zippi... Read more

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    Give your guinea pigs more space with Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms from Omlet. Designed to easily clip onto the enclosed Zippi Runs, these strong platforms enrich your guinea pigs run with new areas to explore.  Adapt and expand your Zippi Guinea Pig Platform set up at any time to create new playgrounds for your pets to enjoy.

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    8 Things You’ll Love About the Zippi Guinea Pig Platforms ❤️

    • Instantly increase the useable space
    • Enrich the run with new levels to exercise and relax
    • Safe, sturdy structure designed to fit the Zippi Runs
    • Entertain your pets with Zippi Shelters and Play Tunnels
    • Add more platforms any time with extensions kits
    • Guinea pigs will love looking out from the elevated position
    • Keep platforms clean with easy to wipe, non-slip surface
    • Pets can use all year, with insulated panels and shade below

    Instantly Increase the Useable Space in Your Zippi Run

    Guinea pigs love to run, skip and jump, and with the new Zippi Platforms your pets will have even more space in their Zippi Run to enjoy.
    The Zippi Platforms provide new heights and possibilities for exercise, play, grooming, rest and treats. Not only do the platforms provide your guinea pigs with an even bigger area to enjoy without reducing or interfering with the floor space below, they also transform your pets' run into a fascinating playground with multiple levels to explore. With the Zippi Runs and Platforms there’s plenty of opportunity to mix up your guinea pigs’ play space to create a multifunctional system to suit your pets’ favourite activities.

    Please note that the platforms are only compatible with the Zippi Guinea Pig Runs, not with Omlet's Outdoor Guinea Pig Run or a DIY enclosure.

    Enrich the Run With New Levels to Exercise and Relax

    Compared to a one-level run, having an additional floor in your pet’s enclosure boosts exercise opportunities, helping guinea pigs activate muscles that they would use in the wild. Running up and down the ramp helps to keep muscles and bones strong, which is why platforms are recommended as an essential guinea pig accessory by vets and animal charities.
    Adding new levels and accessories to your pets’ run will also encourage exploration and adventurous play, stimulating their minds and activating their natural instincts.

    Tip: Hang an interactive and slow-release feeder, such as the Caddi Treat Holder, above the Zippi Platforms for your guinea pigs to search out and enjoy!

    Safe, Sturdy Structure Designed to Fit the Zippi Runs

    Zippi Platforms are incredibly strong and will not flex or bend when your guinea pigs are playing on them. To prevent your guinea pigs from getting over excited and running or jumping off, the Zippi Platforms come with a strong balcony rail running along the side of the added level. The rail also stabilizes the platforms even further, so guinea pigs of all sizes will be able to enjoy the platforms to the full without any worry! At the top of the ramp, the balcony support is attached to the run by an arch for your guinea pigs to run through. The Zippi Platforms have been designed to perfectly fit the double height Zippi Runs, and they easily attach to the side mesh panels at any height to create a fascinating structure that your guinea pigs will feel safe running up and down exploring.

    "Our 2 piggies have loved playing on their new platform! It was easy to assemble, took approx 15 mins to add them to the run. We coaxed Nadia and Sunny up the ramp with little treats. Nadia made it up first and enjoyed looking around and relaxing in the hide we put on top. They both seem to like sitting under the platform, I think they feel secure there. We put Sunny on the platform on a sunny day and she enjoyed chilling in the hide in the warmth. It's easy to clean and adds a new element of fun to their run. Highly recommended.” 

    Entertain Your Pets With Zippi Shelters and Play Tunnels

    For a happy and healthy guinea pig, it is important to provide your pet with a range of exciting toys in their run to encourage physical exercise and mental stimulation. The Zippi Platforms are a great way of making space in your pets’ enclosure for even more toys! Provide a cosy hide on top with the Zippi Shelter, a place where your guinea pigs can go for protection from the elements, a quick disco nap or for a thrilling game of hide and seek. Thanks to the specially designed Zippi Shelter Fixing Pins, the Shelter can be firmly attached to the platform, making sure your guinea pigs can have a completely relaxed nap. You can add fun Play Tunnels above or below the Zippi Platforms too for guineas who love to explore.

    Add More Platforms Any Time With Extensions Kits

    The Zippi Platforms offer a customisable and modular solution, making it easy to find the perfect kit for your Zippi Run setup. If you choose to expand your Zippi Run in the future, you will easily be able to add more platforms, either to make the top floor space deeper, or to place a new system of platforms on the opposite side, so your pets can run down one ramp and straight up another!

    Guinea Pigs Will Feel Secure Up High, and Safe Sheltered Below

    As well as enjoying the exciting additional level to their run, your guinea pigs will also benefit from the safe and secure feeling they get while watching the world from a vantage point high up on their platform, almost like a lookout tower. Thanks to the sturdy balcony rail, you don’t need to worry about your guinea pigs falling off the platform and hurting themselves.

    Use our range of Zippi Run covers to provide weather protection around your Zippi Run so your guinea pigs can enjoy their Zippi Platforms and stay warm and dry.
    Small Zippi Run Cover
    Large Zippi Run Cover

    A Zippi Shelter could be positioned on the Platform to add a cosy hide for wet and windy days, and bunnies will also appreciate the sheltered spot the platforms offer below the extra level. It’s the perfect place to relax and sleep, or to get some shade from the sun.

    Keep Platforms Clean With Easy to Wipe, Non-Slip Surfaces

    The Zippi Platforms are easy to keep clean, ensuring a happy and healthy environment for your guinea pigs. Simply hose down or wipe clean with a pet-safe disinfectant, and all components of your Zippi playground will come out good as new. Keeping your guinea pigs’ run safe and hygienic has never been easier! As well as being strong and sturdy, the Platforms also have a non-slip finish to ensure your guinea pigs feel safe to run and skip across the floor without fear of slipping over.

    Pets Can Use All Year, With Insulated Panels and Shade Below 

    Guinea pigs love spending as much time as possible outdoors, and the Zippi Platforms are a weatherproof accessory your pets will love to explore all year round. The Zippi Platforms are insulated to ensure the floor under your pets’ feet is a comfortable temperature. Place Zippi Run Covers over the platform area to keep them dry for rabbits to enjoy in wet weather. In summer, the additional shaded area below the Zippi Platforms offers a comfortable space where your pets can snooze away hot summer afternoons, making sure there is never a day when your guinea pigs can’t enjoy their new run accessory!

    "So funny watching my guinea pigs run up and down the ramp. I’ve put a shelter on top and they love chilling up there. Highly recommend!.”Harriet

    DO: allow two Zippi Run panel lengths (96cm) for the guinea pig to safely run down the ramp, as shown by the arrow here. Zippi Platforms panels should fill the width of the run, and the balcony rail should be fitted to keep guinea pigs safe.

    DON'T: install Zippi Platforms too high up the side of the run, as the ramp will be too steep for guinea pigs to climb, as shown by the red arrow here. There should not be a gap between the platform and side of the run. Zippi platforms cannot be fitted to open playpens, Zippi starter packs or Omlet's Outdoor Guinea Pig Run.

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