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Select the Ultimate PoleTree Kit To Best Suit Your Flock

The sky is the limit! You can add to it and rearrange...your chooks will never get bored!

It’s the perfect starter kit for a small flock.
The Eggonomical Kit is the perfect height to fit inside Omlet’s Walk-In Chicken Runs, with one pole, two short perches and a handy treat dish to encourage hens up the tree!

The Pole Tree is an innovative and strong perch system that offers your hens custom made perching at any height and orientation in their run. Suitable for all types of chicken enclosures, this adjustable perch tree will provide your flock with entertainment and stimulation for years to come!

PoleTree Chicken Perch

The Eggonomical Kit 1.70 - 2.15m

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5 Things You'll Love About The PoleTree ❤️

  • Fun!: Your hens will love it! Enrich their run and encourage healthy play.
  • Strong: Incredibly sturdy design so you can add as many perches as you like.
  • Universal: Adjustable poles work with any chicken run. Easy to assemble and fit.
  • Versatile: Add more poles and perches any time, and reward good perching with treat holders.
  • Innovative: Prevent chickens perching (and pooping) on garden furniture.

Perch, Climb and Play

This extremely playful, completely customisable chicken tree makes it easy for you to create an enticing adventure playground where your hens can jump, climb and play, as well as perch and relax in peace.

With the PoleTree Chicken Perch the options are endless:

  • Encourage communal perching with long perches
  • Move perches higher and higher to inspire inquisitive minds
  • Create a stimulating staircase of perches
  • Switch up the system at any time with the easy to move brackets

Looking for chicken run perch ideas? Your hens will love this!

With PoleTree it's easy to create a customised chicken tree perch for your flock.

Sturdy Design for Flocks of All Sizes

The PoleTree Chicken Perch by Omlet is the ultimate perching station your thrill-seeking chickens have been longing for! You can add as many perches as your flock desires, and thanks to strong, durable materials like aluminium and eucalyptus, you can be sure your chickens will be jumping from perch to perch for years to come!

"The perfect perch for hens both large and small. With adjustable perches I have been able to create the perfect perch height for tiny Pekin bantams to my giant Brahmas. Quality Omlet product with great attention to detail in fittings and finishes." Shelley

Ideal for Any Chicken Enclosure Over 1.7m High

The PoleTree fits perfectly in the full height Omlet Walk in Chicken Run, and any other chicken enclosure. Simply adjust the height of the pole to fit your run, fix to the roof with the supplied connection kit and to the ground with pegs.
Once the pole is in place, you can modify your chicken tree to suit your flock with as many perches as you like, at any height or orientation, to create an irresistible perching system. Make efficient use of all the vertical space in your run, and say hi to your hens at eye level with perches all the way to the top!

The PoleTree has succeeded in making a chicken perch truly fun!

This easy to build chicken perch should keep your chickens off the garden furniture!

Prevent Chickens Perching (And Pooping) On Garden Furniture

We all know chickens will perch on anything they find! Be it your favourite antique plant pot or a comfortable garden bench - if the chicken fits, the chicken sits! The PoleTree provides a purpose-designed perching station your hens will love using, so you don't have to keep wiping down the garden furniture before an al fresco dinner!

Reward Good Perching With Treat Toys

Just when your hens thought the PoleTree couldn’t get any more irresistible - bring on the treats! You can add a variety of chicken treat dispensers to the system for a mid-climb snack. The shorter perches have a hole drilled into the end, from which you can hang a Pendant Chicken Peck Toy or a Caddi Chicken Treat Holder. These feeding toys can be filled with chicken feed, corn, grit or fresh veg and will sway as your chickens go in for a peck!

Add treat dispensers to your system to get your hens even more excited about the PoleTree.

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