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How Do I Care for My Omlet Pet Run?

Updated Saturday, December 4th 2021, first published Tuesday 1st 2018

Omlet strives to make the world's best pet products. You should note that some components are made from metal and the coating may need maintenance over time. Regular care and maintenance is important to increase the life of your Omlet Pet Run. We recommend regular rinsing with potable water especially if you live in an area or suburb that is coastal or prone to sea breezes or salty air. If rust spots do develop, then you should repair them to give your outdoor pet run the best chance of staying well maintained. 

Regular Maintenance is a Good Thing!

Check on your run clips as they may need replacing too at some stage! 

Eglu run clipsZippi run clips

When you carry out your regular clean, make sure you have a quick walk around the run and check the security and stability of the run panels. In time, the run clips can age and become weaker, is so, consider refreshing all the run clips on your run. Replacement packs are available for purchase.

Lanocote Natural Lanolin offers outstanding long term corrosion protection

We have recently come across this brilliant, all-natural, product that can help control corrosion and will help give your run and fixings a longer life. 

We recommend giving all fxings on the Cube house and frame a spray when you set up your new Cube.

  • Environmentally friendly – Blended from natural and other non-toxic ingredients, biodegradable, pleasant natural odour
  • Safe – Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic
  • Harmless to material – Does not harm metals, plastics, paints, fiberglass, rubber, neoprene, formica and other synthetic materials
  • Ready to Use – No additional mixing or chemical additives required
  • Versatile – Corrosion inhibitor, anti-seize, release agent, lubricant
  • Powerful – Heavy-duty protection in harshest conditions
  • Long-lasting – Protecting film does not dry out or wash off
  • Hydrophobic (water-repellant) – Promotes water displacement from surfaces and waterproofs
  • Highly resistant to humidity, salt water and salt spray – Ideal for marine applications
  • Wide range of Applications – agriculture and farming, marine and numerous other indoor and outdoor uses
  • MPI Approved C14

Relevant Uses:

  • Environmental – Predator traps, predator proof fences, gates, fish passages
  • Livestock Transport – Protects crates and gates from corrosion. Lubricates and protects locks and hinges
  • Home – Aerials and antennas, camping and sporting equipment, hinges, locks, garage doors. Galvanised underfloor fixings and bolts
  • Agricultural – Irrigation equipment, farm machinery, sawblades, firearms, cultivators, conveyors, slashers, equipment for aquacultural farming.
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If you require Omlet Green Touch-Up Paint we have this available in small bottles 😊

Omlet Touch Up Paint
Omlet green touch up paint

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