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The Perfect Outdoor Playpen for Your Cat

With Omlet’s large outdoor catios all cats can play safely in the fresh air! These customisable, secure and spacious outdoor cat enclosures are quick and easy to install. Accessories like covers, weatherproof cat climbing trees and shelves provide exercise and enrichment for your pets, and you can have peace of mind that they are safe Perfect for owners of pedigree, indoor or poorly pussycats, this outdoor cat enclosure has many fantastic features and it will blend into your garden beautifully.

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Michelle White

Omlet Outdoor Cat Run (Catio)

Margaret Headland
Ivy’s place

Brilliant and easy to configure to fit our situation .We made it fit over a patio and door into conservatory perfect.
Very impressed with quality of the product ,and Ivy cat loves it ,just need to get some climbing and play equipment that can attach.
I only had one problem and that was I am virtually challenged ( short) but fortunately next door neighbours sons (6ft +) put it together in 2 and 1/2 hours.
Great product and amazing quick delivery thank you.

Amanda Lawrence


marian bjerga

Company swift response, to delivery depot different couriers then slow. But alls well cats very happy

Fergus' Catio

Wonderful, first thing he did was climb to the top! Being a 5 month old kitten is still enjoying the box from the poles, in, tunnel on the side etc and we share a chair. Has a nice piece of feijoa wood for scratching. All the outdoor sounds are not quite so overwhelming now and he's enjoying being in there for little bursts of time.

Omlet's Outdoor Catios allow cats of all breeds, ages and abilities to play,
 exercise and safely experience the great outdoors

Watch the video to see how you can give your cats more time in the fresh air! 

Secure Outdoor Cat Run for All Cats

Omlet's Outdoor Catios allow cats of all breeds, ages and abilities to play, exercise and safely experience the great outdoors. All without the worry of them getting lost, caught in traffic or into trouble with the neighbourhood moggies!

"I was not convinced that our indoor cat would like going outside on his own. But he absolutely loves it. He spends hours perched on a stand watching all the wildlife." Kevin

Fresh air and exercise can be extremely beneficial for your cat's health.

The covers are fastened to the mesh with handy bungy hooks, and are easy to move.

Keep Cats Warm and Dry All Year Under Tailor Made Run Covers

Omlet’s range of tailored run covers perfectly fit the outdoor cat pen, so that your cat will stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather. The clear covers are great for chillier days as they stop wind and rain but let sunlight in, and the heavy duty covers provide essential shade in summer. 

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Give Your Cats Even More Space by Extending at Any Time

The modular design of Omlet’s outdoor cat runs means you can create an enclosure that suits your space, and your pets. Starting from a 2m x 2m run you can extend at any time using easy to add sections. That way you can be sure it will be the perfect outdoor cat enclosure for years to come!

Extend Your Catio

Modern and Discreet Catio With Brilliant Features

The dark green mesh of Omlet’s Outdoor Catio means you don’t have to choose between having a nice looking garden and giving your pets a safe and secure space to enjoy the great outdoors. Omlet’s large outdoor cat enclosures have been rigorously tried and tested for over ten years to create the safest and most easy to use cat run on the market. For peace of mind, every catio comes with heavy duty steel weld mesh, a highly practical stable style door and clever locks that can’t accidentally be opened.

Provide your cats with relaxing spots for those all-important cat naps, like in dens and hammocks.

The Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree will make the catio your pets' favourite place!

NEW! Arriving Soon

Optional Purpose Designed Climbing Frame from Omlet

Forget boring cat runs, Omlet has got everything you need to make your cat’s spacious catio even more special for both you and your pet! The amazingly versatile Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree gives your cat the opportunity to jump, stretch, scratch and inspect the world from up high. The strong aluminium poles attach to your run, and you can then add weatherproof platforms, bridges, steps and scratchers to build a fantastically fun play space  personalised for your pets.

For downtime in the run, you can add hammocks, dens or soft cushions to your cat tree, or why not maximise comfort with the Fabric Outdoor Cat Shelves?

Available in NZ from late June/July 2022

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Porches and partitions can be a great way of customising the run to suit your needs.

Customise Your Run To Suit You With a Porch or Partitions

Add an Omlet Cat Run Porch to create a 2-door entry system for added security when bringing your cat in and out. You can also choose to divide your run with convenient Omlet Cat Run Partitions. The partition features a secure door for easy personal access to each part of the run, and can be used to separate different cats or to gradually introduce new cats to each other.

Easy To Assemble With Brilliant ‘How To Build’ Videos

Play: Video With the 'How to Build' videos it's easy to get your catio up and running in no time. Easy To Assemble With Brilliant ‘How To Build’ Videos Follow the clear step-by-step assembly video filmed in real time to make building your cat run a breeze. Your catio arrives flat packed for easy delivery to your garden, balcony or roof terrace. The only tool you will need is a pozi (cross type) screwdriver for the door bolt; the rest of the run is assembled using Omlet’s patented run clips. You can find the instruction manual here.

With the 'How to Build' videos it's easy to get your catio up and running in no time.

OMLET Catio Inspiration Galley 😺😺

Swipe through these awesome photos taken by UK Omlet customers for some design inspiration! The options are endless. Create the perfect play space to suit your cat/s needs. 

 The best purchase for our cat ever! We have an indoor Ragdoll Cat. Since the installation of a cat flap, with an external tunnel leading to the Catio, we have seen an amazing change in her. She goes in and out when she pleases and loves playing in the Omlet Catio. We also added the Omlet Cat Tree with steps, picking posts and cat bridge. She loves it! Jason

This spacious Catio is 3m x 4m (Size D) and works brilliantly set up under the trees with clear rain covers at one end.

 This 2m x 3m (Size B) Catio offers this content black cat access to the sun directly through the windows.

Placed conveniently over a tree this 3m x 4m (Size D) Catio is the perfect garden retreat for any adventurous cat.

Access to this 2m x 3m (Size B) Catio is direct from the french doors, looking trendy with fake grass and deck chairs.

The Lo-rise is the perfect starter Catio. Give your cats more space by extending at any time.

This deck adapted Omlet Catio works well set up alongside the window for easy house access.

These moggies are enjoy heavenly shade from the Omlet heavy-duty green run covers above.

Loved by Thousands of Cat Owners Worldwide ❤️

The Outdoor Cat Run has been tried and tested for over ten years, and is loved and trusted by thousands of cats and their owners around the world. The flexibility, stability and safety aspects of the run make it superior to other enclosures on the market.

A creative tunnel connection links this Omlet Catio to the house.

This Catio is a approximately 6m by 3m and the much loved play area for these 3 moggies.

This Omlet Catio 2m x 3m (Size B) has been set up alongside the house with direct access to the house via the house door.

This spacious Size C Catio (3m x 3m) blends in beautifully on this deck with leisure time for both cats and humans.

This Size B Catio (3m x 2m) works brilliant so cats have excellent access to the great outdoors. Enjoying height and the fresh air.

Frequently Asked Questions 🐱

The innovative door lock uses gravity to drop naturally into the locked position.

Add screw pegs to provide extra strength and security.

You can lock and unlock the door from inside the Outdoor Cat Run.

The Omlet Catio has a detachable anti-tunnel skirt. 

All Omlet Outdoor Pet Runs come with a Comprehensive Instruction Manual

However, should you prefer a visual way then follow the videos below.

Care and Maintenance
Omlet strives to make the world's best pet products. You should note that some components are made from metal and the coating may need maintenance over time. Regular care and maintenance is important to increase the life of your Omlet Outdoor Pet Run. We recommend regular rinsing with potable water especially if you live in an area or suburb that is coastal or prone to sea breezes or salty air. If rust spots do develop, then you should repair them to give your outdoor pet run the best chance of staying well maintained. Omlet Green Touch Up Paint is available for purchase in a handy 20ml bottle.