Omlet Outdoor Freestyle Cat Tree


Omlet Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree - Customisable Cat Climbing Frame

Take your feline friend to new heights of fun with the Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree! Customisable with all the things cats love, it's the perfect accessory for any catio, and will revolutionise the way your pets enjoy the great outdoors.

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5 Things You'll Love About Outdoor Freestyle ☀️

  • Customisable: Personalise your outdoor cat tree with a great range of accessories
  • Sustainable: High quality materials and replaceable scratchers for future-proof fun
  • Ingenious: Luxury cat tree to fit any catio in a limitless number of combinations
  • Adventurous: Give your cats the benefits of safe outdoor exercise, stimulation and fresh air
  • Weatherproof: Strong materials and no maintenance for year round ease

Watch the video to see how much fun your cat can have with Freestyle. This is a different video to the one above.

"Such a fab system! I've had the Omlet cat run for a few years now and would always put bits of garden furniture in to keep my cat entertained. This new cat tree is ideal for climbing, playing and lounging! I was debating between one pole or two and so glad we went for the two pole setup as there's so many different accessories to choose from, we love it!Pam, Verified Omlet Product Tester UK

Customisable to Suit Any Cat and Catio!

This outdoor cat climbing tree is the first of its kind and allows you to create a completely personalised system that perfectly suits your cat's personality and agility. Available in six pole heights, the Freestyle fits in any type of enclosure, including Omlet’s Large Outdoor Cat Run, Balcony Catio or your own DIY run - all cats can join in with the Freestyle fun! It’s super simple - just pick the correct pole height, secure it to the roof and floor of the run and attach as many accessories as you like with the easily movable brackets. Connect multiple poles together with ramps and bridges and expand your system at any time to give your cats an even more exciting outdoor cat tower. View all the cat tree product dimensions to help you design the right set up for your home and cats.

Adjustable poles and handy brackets mean you will have your outdoor cat tree up in minutes!

The strong and durable scratchers are made from completely biodegradable sisal.

A Truly Sustainable Cat Tree You Never Have to Throw Away

The Freestyle outdoor cat climber is designed to last the test of time, with high quality materials and completely replaceable scratching elements. This means you don’t have to throw away the whole cat tree when the material becomes too frayed to sharpen your cat’s claws - just replace what actually needs replacing!

 All components are easy to wipe clean to get rid of any dirt. The cushion covers, available in stylish blue or cream, are removable and can quickly be refreshed in the washing machine. A sustainable purchase for you, and long lasting fun for your cat!

Ingenious - Outdoor Cat Towers Don’t Have to Be Boring

The innovative design of the Freestyle is truly changing the game for feline physical health and mental stimulation, as it can be adapted, extended or refreshed time and time again to maintain your cat's interest and encourage exercise and play.

Choose from over 20 accessories every cat will love, including:

  • Steps and platforms
  • Steps and platforms Ramps and bridges
  • Hammocks
  • Scratchers
  • Treat dishes

Note: Outdoor cushions currently only available in blue.

The range of accessories means playing on this tall, modern cat tree will never get boring!

Choose The Purrfect Starter Kit to Best Suit Your Cat

Remember this is only the beginning! You can add to it and rearrange...your cat will never get bored!

Everyday Kit

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Lookout Kit

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Treehouse Kit

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Bark Kit

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Sunbather Kit

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Gym Kit

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This tall grey cat tree is the perfect way of giving your cats a safe outdoor place to explore.

A Secure Adventure Playground For Your Cat

The Freestyle, positioned in a secure enclosure, gives your cat the freedom to explore, exercise and play with the wind in their fur. All other pets will be green with envy when they see your cat jumping between platforms, sharpening claws on the outdoor cat scratching posts or having a peaceful nap in the cosy, secluded hammock!

The Freestyle is the ideal outdoor cat tree for:

  • Indoor cats with an outdoor spirit
  • Cats who live close to busy roads but need to blow off some steam
  • Pedigree cats or cats who live in apartments
  • Any cat who likes climbing, scratching and resting

Weatherproof & Tall Outdoor Cat Tree for Every Season

Tested with weights up to 30kg, this extra strong outdoor friendly cat tree is made from durable materials, designed to keep cats of all sizes safe and comfortable.

The rust free outdoor cat gym can be left in the run in all weathers with minimal maintenance, and the cushion covers are removable for easy washing. Unlike a wooden cat tree, you never have to worry about painting and preserving - the Freestyle will be there for your cat every day of the year!

All parts of the weatherproof outdoor cat tree require minimal maintenance, no matter the weather.

It's easy to adjust your Freestyle according to your cats' age and abilities.

A Secure Adventure Playground For Your Cat

The Freestyle Cat Tree can easily be adapted and customised to suit any cat, no matter their ability. For kittens, disabled or senior cats with reduced mobility, just add more steps in between accessories to aid their movement through the outdoor cat climber. For super adventurous cats and kittens you can easily extend and adapt your system at any time to regularly create an enticing new jungle to explore. Add more poles and accessories, or rearrange your platforms, bridges and ramps - your cat will never get bored!

Elevate Your Bond with an Outdoor Cat Climbing Frame

Whatever your outdoor cat enclosure looks like, the Freestyle lets you optimise your pets’ play area by utilising the vertical space in the run, all the way from the floor to the roof. Now your cats can properly stretch their legs in their outdoor space, and you will have a unique opportunity to spend time with them at eye for your cat every day of the year!

All parts of the weatherproof outdoor cat tree require minimal maintenance, no matter the weather.

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"Fantastic tree - sturdy & great quality"
Sharon, Dec 2021 UK


"Genius designed products"
Sall-Anne, April 2022 UK


"What a great idea!"
Dawn, Jan 2022 UK


"My girls love it!"
Rachel, April 2022 UK

So glad I got this!
"I have two large Maine Coon cats and finding products big enough and strong enough for them is always a concern, I got this outdoor cat tree and it was an instant hit with them. It is sturdy enough for both of them to be climbing on it at the same time and offers them lots of choices of viewing platforms and sleeping places. The hammock is a particular favourite and they have a high shelf which allows them to see across the garden which they love. I am so happy with this product that I am now considering adding a second post with more platforms for them."
Elaine Verified Omlet Product tester UK