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omlet outdoor catio tunnel system

Window boxes to fit any window.

catio tunnel configuration drawing

Window boards for sash windows. 

catio tunnel configuration drawing-57f0e42

Towers let your cat move up and down.

Freestyle Outdoor Cat Tree
catio tunnel configuration drawing-3

Tunnels can run along the ground.

catio tunnel configuration drawing-6e42-a3370a0bd7ff

Tunnels can be wall-mounted.

customize your catio tunnel set-up to suit your space

Arriving late June 2024

Catio Walkway | Link the Indoors to the Outdoors 😸☀️

Can a catio tunnel open up your cat’s world?
Cats live life at their pace, on their terms. But life can be hazardous.
Omlet have designed the Catio Tunnel System to open up the outside and satisfy their independence and curiosity, safely.

Safe Journeys

Catios are a safe way for your feline to enjoy the outdoors. Omlet's Catio Tunnel System is designed to create a secure route from indoors to the outdoor Catio enclosure, protecting your cat from passing traffic - and passing wildlife from your cat. The best of both worlds.

Cat in Omlet Catio Tunnel

A Walkway for Every Window

Omlet's cat tunnel’s modular design works with windows of every shape and size.

  • Connect to a window box, encasing the entire window
  • Connect to a cat flap in a window board
  • Connect to a cat flap in any other surface
catio tunnel window board

Window boards can be cut to size if needed.


Window boxes have adjustable width and height to encase your window.


Window boxes and window boards can be used together or on their own.

Create Your Own Connection

Omlet's Catio Tunnel System comprises of four elements: cat tunnels, stands, junctions and towers. You can combine these however you need.

  • Tunnels can be wall mounted, run along the ground or be freestanding with stands
  • Junctions let tunnels turn 90° corners
  • Towers with built in steps let cats travel up & down
omlet catio tower tunnel close-up

Towers let your cat reach the Catio from an upper window.


Tunnels can be wall-mounted using the included brackets.


Stands give the option of free-standing tunnels.

Holds Heavyweights and Houdinis!

The Omlet Catio Tunnel System will contain can’t-catch-me leapers and escape-room defeaters. Unique, reinforced overlay clip design creates an ultra-tough, tightly bonded system keeping your cat walkway secure.

omlet catio tunnels are safe and secure

Non-slip and Quick Drying

Outdoor design needs to withstand the weather, so the Omlet Catio Tunnel System walkways have a slight curve that causes rain to run right off, and a textured surface for a good, firm grip.

omlet catio tunnel walkway

Anti-slip surface and ergonomic design keep walkways dry for a secure footing.

Stable on Any Surface

Sloping ground or land on different levels? Adjust the height of the cat tunnel stand and pivot the base to compensate for inclines of up to 10 degrees. No wobbles, no worries.

omlet catio tunnel stand

Height adjustable stands with bases that pivot can accommodate slopes.

Discover New Dimensions

Indoor cats needn’t lead a sheltered life. Omlet have designed the Catio Tunnel System, Catio and Outdoor Freestyle cat tree to work together, so your cat can explore and adventure outdoors, on their terms, to their got-the-cream content.

outdoor freestyle cat tree by omlet

Open up the adventure by combining our Catio, Tunnel System and Freestyle Outdoor cat tree.

Tried and Tested to Purrfection!

Omlet has been rethinking every aspect of keeping and caring for pets. Their team of designers and engineers have tirelessly tested and refined every element of the Catio Tunnel System, so indoor cats everywhere can safely enjoy the wonders of the outside world. 

catio tunnel

Want to Extend Your Set Up?

Extend or reconfigure your set up at any time using additional components. Click here for Catio Tunnel System accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Catio Tunnel Dimensions

  • A | 105cm
  • B | 30.5cm
  • C | 67.5cm
  • D | 60 - 120cm
  • E | 
  • F |  45cm
catio tunnel window box and board


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