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Maya® Donut Cat Bed - Plush Cushion With Customisable Feet
Omlet Outdoor Cat Run (Catio)
Omlet Cat Balcony Enclosure (Catio)
Eglu House + Connection Kit for Catio
Trixie Cat Crunch Rustling Tunnel 30 x 115cm
Trixie Catnip Spray 175mL
Hartz Just for Cats Catnip 28g
Little Giant Pet Bowl Drinker
Pet Carry Crate
Extend Your Omlet Pet Outdoor Run
Walk-In Outdoor Pet Run Partition High - 3 Panels
Walk-In Outdoor Pet Run Partition High - 2 Panels
Omlet Outdoor Pet Run Lower Door Assembly BOX B

We recently expanded into the feline market with the launch of the Omlet Cat Runs.  These have proved to be a firm favourite. They allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors in a secure environment.  We are soon to expand our cat range so keep an eye on this page.

Outside Cat Enclosures Provide Space and Safety to Enjoy the Outdoors

Installing outside cat enclosures offers you and your cat the best of nature while keeping him secure from harmful predators. Appletons provides you with exceptional products that we test and believe are beneficial to your feline. Discover why so many turn to us for the best products as well as for information regarding pets.

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