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  • Cat Treat Ball | Kerbl Cat Snack Ball by Kerbl

    Cat Treat Ball | Kerbl

    Purr-fectly playful treat twirl! This fun cat toy is a slow-dispensing feeder ball offering playful enrichment for your felines to feast on the go! Robust plastic Enrichment tool Adjustable openings Perfect for filling with treats or even their daily dry ration. The size of the opening can be adjusted in three stages. Ball 75mm diameter. Watch your cats roll it around to release those delicious treats!Cats are naturally inquisitive, however we recommend initially showing them how to roll it around so treats fall out. It will not take them long to figure it out!


  • Trixie Cat Crunch Rustling Tunnel 30 x 115cm Trixie Cat Crunch Rustling Tunnel 30 x 115cm

    Cat Crunch Rustling Tunnel 30 x 115cm | Trixie

    2 reviews

    Now you see me, and now you don’t! Cats love the rustling Trixie tunnel! Polyester for indoor and outdoor use 4 Entrance / Exits Rustling foil within the fabric excites cats Colours can vary: Silver/Black or Pink/Black Size: 30cm x 115cm


  • Catnip 14g | Mad Cat Catnip 14g | Mad Cat

    Catnip 14g | Mad Cat

    1 review

    Helps to stimulate cats, increasing play and exercise. Catnip can be used as a training aid or to keep your kitty away from scratching the furniture by sprinkling some on a safe target or their favourite toy. It entices and stimulates cats and encourages playful behaviour. Mad Cat fragrant catnip has a tempting and enticing aroma that's irresistible to cats. It’s perfect for sprinkling on toys and scratchers. Mad Cat premium catnip has been cultivated to achieve the strongest, most aromatic catnip possible. The irresistible aroma in Mad Cat catnip will bring out the fun, playful nature in cats. Mad Cat Catnip encourages a harmless, playful reaction in most cats. Sprinkle on scratchers to make them more appealing and deter damage to your furniture. Description: Mad Cat premium, pesticide-free catnip contains 100% natural North American grown catnip that drives cats crazy.


  • NipMist Spray 120ml| Furpets

    NipMist Spray 120ml| Furpets

    All natural catnip spray that your cats will love! NipMist is an all natural, concentrated blend of water and catnip oil that lasts much longer than standard "dry" catnip (days vs minutes). Long lasting catnip odour has many advantages, the primary one being that it is a more effective training aid as well as getting more cat-crazy fun per dollar! NipMist is perfect for play time and makes an ideal cat training tool. Keep roaming cats near home or away from certain areas by spraying areas you want them to return to, e.g. cat bed or scratch post. Directions Shake bottle well (2-3 seconds) before spraying. Spray any object that you want the cat to play with. The essential oil in NipMist will evaporate with time (2-5 days) - re spray as needed.


  • Smooch Doctor Pet Healing Cream Doctor Pet Healing Cream | Smooch

    Doctor Pet Healing Cream | Smooch

    3 reviews

    Miracle pet balm. An anti-bacterial and anti-fungal cream with great healing properties.Smooch is an NZ owned and operated company that makes natural healthcare products for humans and their pets. This cream originally came about as the owners' pet dog Tui suffered from contact dermatitis from flea bites (she was flea treated but they still affected her if one landed), also from grass and plants, particularly Wandering Jew. Doctor Pet can be used on sores, scratches, rashes, eczema, liver spots, bites, after an operation, protection from the sun or to ease sunburn. Promotes healing through daily application to the problem area of natural healing ingredients. Deters flies from an open sore. Apply Doctor Pet daily for full benefits. Distract pets immediately after application to allow the product to absorb, approximately 2-3 minutes. Like all Smooch products, there’s nothing in Doctor Pet that they can’t eat. There are many plants and grasses that can result in an allergic reaction for animals but Wandering Jew (aka Tradescantia and Wandering Willie) is a succulent plant that commonly causes contact dermatitis in many animals.  Doctor Pet can be rubbed on pets skin and between toes before or after a walk (or both) to assist repairing the skin damage and possibly prevent itchy bellies due to the thin film it creates on their skin. Can be used on dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and chickens. Ingredients: Fijian Niu Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sesame Oil, Hemp Oil, Plant-based Vitamin E,  Smooch has had a lot of success with this product and wish you well trying it on your pet. Feedback has been very positive with many comments like "Thank you, you have saved us thousands!" 


  • Doctor Pet | Goats Milk Soap Doctor Pet | Goats Milk Soap Bar

    Doctor Pet Goat's Milk Soap | Smooch

    All natural pet soap. 100% natural. Washing a pet can be a difficult task so Smooch try to take some of the pain away. Their pet bar fits into your hand making it easy to use. Start washing straight away, no need to wait for a lather to build up, it washes without creating a huge amount of lather that you have to try and rinse away when your pet has decided it’s time to leave the bath! Their pet soap is made with the milk from happy free-range goats. Made in small batches means short milking times for the goats. Combined with only the best ingredients this keeps their soaps totally natural and skin friendly for sensitive skin. Being handmade the size may vary but the soaps are generally 120g or more and are long lasting. Soap comes in a handy round tin. Goat milk contains lactic acid which helps to eliminate impurities.  It also contains alpha hydroxy acid which removes dead skin cells. Goat milk is a natural moisturiser as well as containing vitamins A, C and E.  This means that it can also be helpful for animals with sensitive skin, or skin prone to itch. It has natural anti-microbial properties and also helps with skin inflammation and a flea deterrent too. Benefits Nourishing and moisturising Gentle on sensitive skin Flea deterrent Leaves animals smelling fresh and clean without fragrance or perfume Natural oils Do not contain other harmful ingredients like preservatives, antifreeze, or sodium lauryl sulphate. Their products have never been tested on animals and contain no Palm Oil


  • Pet Carrier | Airline Approved Pet Carrier | Airline Approved

    Pet Carrier | Airline Approved

    5 reviews

    Air NZ approved crate. These Airline Carriers meet all the New Air NZ regulations (Oct 2012) for Flying with your pet.  Meets Air Cargo requirements.  Wingnut fasteners for safety. Easy to use door catch. The moat in the floor catches liquid to keep the animal dry. Water dish included. For more information on travelling with pets Extra Small:  51x34x33cm  For pets up to 5kg (carrier weight is 3kg)Small: 56x37x34cm  For pets up to 7kgs (carrier weight is 3kg) Medium: 61x40x41cm For pets up to 10kgs (carrier weight is 3kg) 

    $76.00 - $125.00

Family Cat
We recently expanded into the feline market a while ago with our Omlet Cat Enclosures |  Catios. These have proved to be a firm favourite. They allow your cat to enjoy the outdoors in a secure environment.  We also offer quality cat climbing frames for both indoors and outdoors. These Freestyle Omlet Cat Trees are fully customisable and give your cat the freedom to do the things a true cat enjoys doing. We stock catnip, air-line approved carriers, smooch pet balm and cat play tunnels. 


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