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Some difficulty following the instructions until I got out the old ones for
My older Eglu raised on wheels. Easy once I used those instructions. Very happy with the product and like the wider run. Happy with both Eglus

Eglu Go chicken coop and run

Hi, Thank you for the coop and run which we are very pleased with. Grandchildren assisted with the assembly which was straight forward following the helpful instructions that were included. The service from Appletons was superb, and the goods arrived in good time by courier. Terence

Omlet Eglu Chicken Coop

This firm provides a great service with top products and friendly and informative customer advice. We have almost finished assembling our Eglu and looking forward to the new residents moving in to their 5-star apartment and garden run.
If you are in the vicinity a visit to the shop location is well worth the time.

Omlet Chicken House

Recently purchased a Omlet Chicken Coup. Very good communication re purchase and delivery. Assembly had its challenges but that was probably from our end. End product is great and look forward to adding the chickens.

Straightforward & Fast

Ordering my eglu go chicken coop was simple through the website. A quick phone call to confirm shipping and it was on its way and with me within 2 days. Construction was a little less straightforward but we got there in the end.Thanks for a great service

Introducing the Eglu Go Chicken Coop from Omlet in the UK

A Complete Package

The Eglu Go is the simple, stylish, straightforward way to start keeping chickens. It is designed for you to keep up to 4 medium hens like Brown Shavers or 3 heavy breed heritage hens like the Light Sussex and Plymouth Rocks. The Eglu Go comes complete with everything you need to get started. It has plastic roosting bars and a discreet nesting area which can be filled with wood shavings or straw to make a comfortable nest for your chickens. The freshly laid eggs can be collected from the nest simply by opening the door at the back and can be served with some hot buttered toast in a matter of minutes - delicious!

Low Maintenance

You'll find keeping your Eglu Go Chicken Coop in tip-top condition a breeze thanks to its innovative slide-out dropping tray and wipe clean surfaces. Made from energy efficient polymers, it's a hygienic home for your hens that will last for years and at the end of its life can be 100% recycled.

Easy To Clean Plastic Chicken Coop

The Eglu Go is quick and easy to clean with a slide out tray for collecting droppings and a large door at the back which allows easy access to the roosting bars and nesting area. Simply slide the droppings tray out out of the hen house and empty into the compost bin - they will make a wonderful fertilizer for your plants. The Eglu’s smooth plastic surfaces can be washed with a hose – no difficult corners or absorbent materials, or give it a deep clean quickly with a pressure washer. Unlike wooden housing, you do not need to treat your Eglu.

Predator Proof Chicken Run

The standard 2m run is made from strong steel weld mesh, virtually impossible for predators to break. A unique anti-tunnel skirt sits flat on the ground and prevents animals from digging in. The run has spacious vertical sides and gives your chickens plenty of room. You can extend the run in 1m sections if you wish. The Eglu can be positioned on grass or any other surface such as wood chippings or rough ground where the chickens can rummage.

Keep Your Chickens Warm in Winter

The Eglu is specially designed to keep your chickens warm in winter. The Eglu has a unique twin-wall insulation system which works in a similar way to double glazing trapping a pocket of air which provides a very effective means of insulating the house. ...And Cool in Summer

Cool in Summer

In summer your chickens will be kept cool by the Eglu's draught-free ventilation system, carefully designed to avoid air blowing directly over the roosting area whilst allowing fresh air to circulate.

Easy Access

The Eglu Go has a single large door at the back, which you can open to reveal the roosting bars, nesting area and dropping tray. The Eglu Go has a single large door at the back, which you can open to reveal the roosting bars, nesting area and dropping tray.

Nesting Boxes and Roosting Bars

The Eglu has roosting bars for your chickens to perch at night and a discreet nesting box which can be filled with straw, shredded paper or wood shavings.

Easy Operable Front Door

Let your chickens out in the morning and shut them away at night using the front door. Easy to use, and perfect when you want to keep your chickens out in the run while you clean the inside of your eglu or collect those freshly laid eggs!

Free Extras with every Eglu Go

When you buy an Eglu Go you also get over $100 worth of accessories absolutely free! Your free extras will include a colour matched drinker and feeder for your new Eglu Go, one All Weather Shade and 10 Egg Cartons.

Designed Drinkers and Feeders

Created for use with the Eglu Go run, these food and water containers clip neatly onto the run, maximising floor area. The covered design of the feeder prevents food from being spoiled by the rain as well as minimising wastage. The feeder and drinker are dishwasher proof, meaning you can give them a thorough clean with no hassle. You can gain access to both easily using the run door.

Summer Shade

Chickens don’t like getting their plumage wet. Luckily the summer shade is perfect in protecting your chickens from wind and rain. What’s more in summer this useful device keeps our lovely ladies out of the heat of the midday sun.(This shade comes free only if you are buying an Eglu with run.) Please note the summer shades are designed for short term use as are not UV treated and do not last long under the hot NZ sun. Invest in a heavy duty cover these last ages!

10 Free Egg cartons

You will soon find that your home grown eggs are in high demand from friends and family. You will be able to make giving them even more special with your own egg boxes! Your Omlet egg boxes will do just the job, and with space for only four eggs, instead of the standard half dozen, you will be able to make your eggs spread further.

Eglu Go Specifications

The Eglu Go Chicken Coop is suitable for up to 4 medium sized chickens or 2-3 larger breeds such as Light Sussex or Rhode Island Reds. When setting up your Eglu, you should allow 60cm of space behind the house to enable the dropping tr


House: 100% Recyclable UV Stabilised Plastic
Run: Fully Coated Welded Steel Mesh

Packaging Dimensions:

House: 74cm x 41cm x 81cm (20kg)
Run: 70cm x 24cm x 96cm (15kg)

Every Eglu Go Chicken Coop comes with Easy to Follow Assembly Instructions

Watch the video below if you prefer a visual way to assemble.