Appletons Pheasant/Parrot Step On Feeder



Appletons Pheasant Step On Feeder

Perfect auto feeder for feeding your pheasants.
These feeders are identical to the Appletons Bantam Step On Feeder except for the depth of the feeder box which is what makes all the difference when feeding birds like pheasant. The pheasants do not need to reach all the way in so can peck at their feed easier making it a more suitable feeder for them. The huge advantage of using these feeders is the reduction in vermin. We had big issues with rats, mice and sparrows in our pheasant flights and since the introduction of these feeders what a difference it has made. This unit holds app. 1kg of feed.

For best results and ease of use we highly recommend fixing your feeder to a piece of plywood. We can ship one out with your order if required. Please tick the box if you would like one. The whole unit is made out of aluminium with alloy rivets, plated steel hinges, nuts and bolts so it keeps working in adverse weather. We leave these feeders out in the runs and pheasant flights and they work well to keep the feed dry.

Overall size of feeding unit is 390mm (width) x 160mm (height) x 320mm (depth). The photo shows the bantam version. The pheasant version has a shallow feeding box so the birds do not need to reach so far down into the box. All our step-on feeders come with very clear and easy to follow training instructions. Training is very important and not to be rushed or shortened. Please only start training when your pheasants are adult-sized birds.

Customer Reviews

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Love this product - pheasants very quick to work out how it works. A well made product.

Quick to learn

Our golden pheasants were quick to learn to use this feeder. No more feed left lying around to attract the rats and mice. Nice shallow pan makes the feed easy access.