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Lady Amherst Pheasant

Our boys call these beautiful pheasants the rainbow pheasants.

These stunning birds originate from south western China and northern Burma. They are a sought after aviary birds in many parts of the world and in some areas have escaped or been purposefully released and now live semi-rural. They were first sent across to Britian in the 1800s by William Pitt Amherst, Govenor General of India and named after his wife Sarah – Lady Amherst.
In New Zealand and world wide it is increasingly difficult to find pure lady amherst blood lines as many of these captivity birds have been crossed with goldens or have golden somewhere in their ancestry. When buying adult birds please observe for signs of golden blood so we can work to keep the bloodlines pure. We love our Lady Amherst pheasants, they are similar in character and nature to the goldens and are a pleasure to keep.

Colourful Pheasants on our Block


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