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Golden Pheasant

The golden males have brilliant golden ruff which they fan out in anticipation of charming a female.

The golden pheasant is one of the most popular of all pheasant species kept in captivity. They originated from the mountainous area of central China and found their way across to the Americas as early as the 1740s. This species, along with the Lady Amherst, make up the group of pheasants called the ruffed pheasants. They are named for their cape or ruff which they spread around their face and neck during courtship. Since these two species are so closely related, many breeders have crossed them, making "pure" goldens and amhersts hard to find in captivity. The wild form of the golden is often called the red golden in captivity, and the males are one of the most brilliantly coloured of all birds. We love our goldens; not only for their intense, shimmering colour of red and gold but for their friendly disposition and easygoing attitude to life.

They are delightful bird to keep, best housed in well planted large flights. We keep one cock bird to 6 hens and this ratio has worked well for us as some males are very proactive and constantly display and chase the girls. These pheasants are hardy and easy to keep so would make an ideal beginners bird. They are docile and can be tamed to eat out of your hand. 

Colourful Pheasants on our Block
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