Got Red Mites in Your Hen House? These products will help...

Eglu Go House | Only


Plastic Hen House only.

The perfect, cosy roosting and laying space for your hens. Included are a complementary colour matched feeder and drinker plus some novelty Omlet egg cartons. Also makes a cosy, cat house or a kennel for small dogs.

Eglu Go House | Only

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Plastic Hen House only. The perfect, cosy roosting and laying space for your hens. Included are a complementary colour matched... Read more

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          Plastic Hen House only.

          The perfect, cosy roosting and laying space for your hens. Included are a complementary colour matched feeder and drinker plus some novelty Omlet egg cartons. Also makes a cosy, cat house or a kennel for small dogs.

          Customer Reviews

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          Meagan Miller
          Eglu coops

          I have one raised Eglu cube with a run, and have bought a second Omlet Eglo house only. These products are just fantastic. Well thought out design, very easy to maintain, it's stress free chicken housing! I also really value the fact that I don't have to battle mites all the time, the plastic just doesn't seem to enable them to establish.

          Joy Buckingham
          Eglu coop

          This is my third Eglu Coop. First and third from Appletons, second one secondhand.
          These are brillant to wash and keep clean. You can pick them up and place them wherever. Chooks are safe from predators as the door is securely shut so I know my girls are safe. Great for mum and eggs/chicks. The bottom tray is so easy to clean of the poop.
          Definitely 10 out of 10. Thanks Appleton.

          Eglu Go House is cute, but roost components of the cube are better

          Eglu Go House is certainly cute, nice and roomy inside for 3 heavy breed pullets (or an Orpington Mum with 6 Araucanas cross chicks), sturdy, and fairly easy to move about even without the frame/wheel attachments. The only downside is that the underside of the roost and tray are both hollow (as opposed to the solid components you get with the Cube House) so it's a bit trickier to clean in comparison. On the other hand, if you don't have a Cube to compare it to then you'll probably find it easier to clean than anything else on the market.

          Red mite problem sorted.

          We bought this because this warm wet summer and spring brought about an explosion of red mites - a problem we’ve not had before. The old wooden coop was full of crevices and we could not get rid of them. Plastic copy - no problem. Dry, easy to clean, no crevices. Intend to get a second set of roosting tray and bottom tray to make cleaning more convenient.

          Eglu Go House

          Love the Eglu Go House and my chickens seem very happy. It is such a breeze to clean. I wouldn't have any other coop!!

          Alan Dawn

          Eglu Go House ONLY

          Claire Nieuwoudt
          Little but mighty

          We have one bantam and one other medium chicken and I'm not sure you could comfortably fit more than 4 chooks in the coop at a time so bear that in mind if you're wanting a large breed. Very sturdy and the easiest to clean.

          Perfect broody house

          I bought the eglu go house as a safe and hygienic house for my hens when they go broody. It's been perfect, and very convenient for access to checking on eggs and chicks, space to leave food/water and safe and secure when the door is shut at night. I love it.

          Best Chicken Coop Ever

          Easy to assemble, and even easier to keep clean. I now have two as I have increased my flock recently. I also plan to buy other accessories that go with this excellent product.

          Rebecca Mitchell

          Eglu Go House ONLY

          Ideal Housing

          Available in leaf green and purple.

          The Eglu House Box Set comes with a chicken drinker, chicken feeder and the roosting tray should you ever wish to use it at a later stage for chooks. If you would like the Eglu Hutch version which includes the hayrack, water bottle and feed bowl please select the hutch option. Please note this does not include the roosting tray, eglu go chicken drinker and go chicken feeder.

          Shop nest liner
          raised nest box go up.jpg__PID:d1cee2be-3d3f-4abc-b220-ad8020f2517a
          Back-of-the-Omlet-Eglu-Go-UP-coop-with-tray-sliding-out-min (2).png__PID:3d3feabc-3220-4d80-a0f2-517a6efecff1

          Low Maintenance and can be Recycled!

          You'll find keeping your Eglu Go in tip-top condition a breeze thanks to its innovative slide-out dropping tray and wipe clean surfaces. Made from energy efficient polymers, it's a hygienic home for your hens that will last for years and at the end of its life can be 100% recycled. The perfect coop for those of us that care about our environment.


          Easy to Clean

          Easy to Clean The Eglu Go House is quick and easy to clean with a slide out tray for collecting droppings and a large door at the back which allows easy access to the roosting bars and nesting area. Simply slide the droppings tray out and empty into the compost bin - they will make a wonderful fertilizer for your plants. The Eglu’s smooth plastic surfaces can be washed with a hose – no difficult corners or absorbent materials, or give it a deep clean quickly with a pressure washer. Unlike wooden housing, you do not need to treat your Eglu.

          Cool in Summer

          In summer your pets will be kept cool by the Eglu's draught-free ventilation system, carefully designed to avoid air blowing directly over the roosting area whilst allowing fresh air to circulate.

          Warm in Winter

          The Eglu is specially designed to keep your pets warm in winter. The Eglu has a unique twin-wall insulation system which works in a similar way to double glazing trapping a pocket of air which provides a very effective means of insulating the house.


          Eglu Go House + Omlet Outdoor Pet Run

          Have a look at the Omlet Outdoor Pet Runs as these runs will offer your pet a safe area to play and excercise. The Eglu Go House is compatible with both the Lo-Rise and the Walk-In Runs. To connect you will require the Eglu Go Connection Kit.


           Extreme Temperature Blanket

          The Eglu Go Chicken House offers incredible levels of comfort and insulation however if you want to increase your level of protection against the most extreme temperatures this tailor made blanket for the Eglu Go is a fantastic option.

          Filled with a heat trapping recycled material that is breathable, the blankets keep your pets warm and protected from the worst that the weather can throw at them. It is easy to fit thanks to the bungee hooks that come attached to the blanket and fits snugly to your Eglu house while the rear panel remains accessible for easy access to your chicken coop or hutch.

          Shop extreme cover


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