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If you are looking for some netting to fence in your chickens, this is a great choice. This handy fencing blends into your garden and is available as a 12, 21, 32 & 42 metre roll and is very easy to put up and move about. It can be used to keep your chickens within an area, giving them more space to roam or, of course, out of a part of your garden.

Chicken Fencing | Omlet

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If you are looking for some netting to fence in your chickens, this is a great choice. This handy fencing... Read more

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    If you are looking for some netting to fence in your chickens, this is a great choice. This handy fencing blends into your garden and is available as a 12, 21, 32 & 42 metre roll and is very easy to put up and move about. It can be used to keep your chickens within an area, giving them more space to roam or, of course, out of a part of your garden.

    Customer Reviews

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    Olive Lady
    Excellent Fencing

    I use this as a reinforcement along farm fences to keep my dogs in. The fencing is a great height and the poles are easy to assemble and get into the ground. Better still I will be able to take it with me when I move! An effective solution nd reasonable price.

    Alison Cox
    Alison Cox

    So easy to put together, very effective and sturdy

    Murray Dillner
    Great fencing

    Basically easy to put up; the spring on the top of the gate post broke, still working but it pops off if your not aware. Chickens love it when they are inside in the sun

    Hi Murray, Thanks for letting us know. We have sent a replacement gate pole cap and some spare button clips to you via courier today. Great to hear your chickens are enjoy their new space out in the sun. Kind regards Fionna

    Carolin Eames
    Good but expensive for what it is

    Works fine. Gate is handy. Not so good on hilly ground. Fairly easy to move around which is nice. Quite overpriced for what you get.


    Great product - very easy to set up and easy to move around. Would recommend to others.

    Joanne G.
    Very good product

    Very happy with the fencing. Good height and the chooks have no interest in going under or over. I haven't bought the connection kit but am using the fencing to section off an area of the backyard that the chooks can stay in, rather than using it as an enclosed pen. For now I'm just connecting the ends to other fixtures in the yard using plant ties. As noted elsewhere, the fencing mesh comes folded in half for easier shipping, this leaves quite a bend in it. I laid the fencing mesh out for a few days weighted with pavers down the centre and this got rid of the fold marks no problem. Easy to assemble if you watch the youtube video as well as refer to the instruction manual. Once it's assembled it only takes a few minutes to move it to another position, or roll it up and put it away for mowing lawns etc. Haven't needed to use the guide ropes or wire pegs provided.

    Elsie Cropp-Vaimea
    Great fence

    Great size fence for our coop and even able to get 2 coops in it with plenty of room left for the girls to roam about and have their own spaces. Highly recommend Omlet Fencing

    Great fencing

    Took a while to put together and definitely need two people to put it into place but I am really happy with the fencing, it looks great and does a good job.

    Amber Lea
    Excellent fencing

    The fencing is great, works well. Takes a bit of time to set up but it's great quality for what is essentially a plastic fence. Far better investment than the other netting style fences as every one I've seen ends up sagging in the middle making it easier for chickens to escape. The omlet fence doesn't have that problem due to the stiff plastic.

    What I hoped for! How often does that happen??

    Everything it promised and better than any other fence system I have purchased before, and there have been a few. My only concern at the moment is the bend from being folded over but I’m told that will release with time and given everything else I’ve seen I’m inclined to believe them.

    5 Things You'll Love About the Omlet Chicken Fencing ❤️

    • Explore: Give your chickens more space.
    • Protect: Keep flower beds out of bounds.
    • Flexible: Choose length , layout and fixings.
    • Extra High: The tallest movable chicken fencing.
    • Gate: Postion where you want for easy access.

    Give Your Chickens More Space

    Omlet’s chicken fencing is the perfect way of providing your hens with more space. They will love running around the garden looking for fresh grass and yummy treats, and will benefit both mentally and physically from the extra exercise and exploration. The double spiked aluminium poles are easily pushed into the ground with your foot. If you need to move them, simply pull out and rearrange the netting as often as you like, protecting your lawn and giving your chickens new pecking grounds to explore!

    As much as you love seeing your flock pottering around the garden, it’s fully understandable that some places are off-limits. With Omlet’s Chicken Fencing, you can decide where your chickens are allowed to freely roam, and which bits you want to protect from pecking and scratching. Connect it to your coop and run, or transfer your hens to a pen in the garden where they can spend time during the day.

    Omlet's chicken fencing with gate is a simple way to keep your chickens in one area of the garden.

    Use the Wall Connection Kit to secure the poles to an existing structure, like a wooden fence.

    The No-Limits Chicken Fencing

    We know that gardens, and flocks, come in all shapes and sizes, so with Omlet’s Chicken Fencing you are not restricted to squares or rectangles. Customise the fencing to suit your flock with these brilliant features:

    • Poles push into the ground anywhere you want.
    • Choose from 4 lengths: 12, 21, 32 and 42m
    • Arrives rolled up, but never tangled!
    • Connect to an existing wooden fence or a Walk In Chicken Run with the Omlet Wall Connection Kit to maximise both space and product.
    • Add structure with extra fencing poles whenever needed.

    Inbuilt Gate for Easy Access

    With the easy to use gate, you can go in and out of the fenced off area as often as you like, even if you’re carrying fresh bedding or a bag of treats.

     A great feature of the Omlet chicken fencing is that you can position the gate wherever you want within the layout you have chosen: at one end, in the middle, or anywhere else. Additionally, you can also choose and adjust the width of the gate opening - super flexible and convenient!

    Easy to Put Up

    The fencing arrives rolled up, and is designed to be completely tangle free, so that you can simply unroll and unfold in the garden, saving lots of time and energy compared to erecting a traditional post and chicken wire solution.
     All fencing poles have two spikes at the bottom, providing stability and security, while also being super easy to tread into the ground. Your fencing will be up in under half an hour, so your chickens won’t have to wait to go and explore.
    Watch our step by step instruction videos to see how easy it is to assemble your chicken fencing!

    Reflective Chicken Fencing

    The Omlet Chicken Fencing is now easy to spot at night and on gloomy evenings thanks to some new reflective features. Not only are the guy ropes reflective but the gate now also features a reflective badge so you can find it easily in the dark.

    Easier to See in the Dark

    This is really handy in winter when you might be popping out to check on your hens at dusk.

    Contains Chickens

    This netting is intended as a means of keeping your chickens in a contained area. It is not predator, rodent or rabbit proof nor can it be electrified.

    Suits Any Shape or Size of Garden

    Available in 4 different sized rolls to suit your garden's/chickens' needs. You can also make any shape of chicken enclosure you like, rather than just squares or rectangles.

    "I love my chickens but equally I love my garden and this netting provided the ideal solution. Now the girls can happily cluck around the lawn and my flowers get to survive! "  Jennie, UK

    Taller Than Most Fencing

    With an overall height of 1.25m, (which is taller than most chicken fencing), you can be confident that even the most determined of your feathered friends won’t make a great escape! The poles of the fence are also adjustable to ensure that the netting remains tight and secure at all times.

    Perfect For Smaller Poultry 

    This poultry fencing is also suitable for use with smaller chickens like bantams. The fencing has the same size holes from top to bottom that are approximately 50mm wide.

    Chicken Fencing Box Dimensions

    12m Fencing: 71.3cm x 27.5cm x 15.3cm
    21m Fencing: 71.3cm x 30.5cm x 20.2cm
    32m Fencing: 71.3cm x 36.1cm x 21.8cm
    42m Fencing: 71.3cm x 40.1cm x 26.6cm

    12m Omlet Chicken Fencing

    • 12m net
    • 16 net pegs
    • 6 poles with forked spike
    • 4 guy lines
    • 1 gate pole

    21m Omlet Chicken Fencing

    • 21m net
    • 24 net pegs
    • 10  poles with forked spike
    • 6 guy lines
    • 1 gate pole

    32m Omlet Chicken Fencing

    • 32m net
    • 36 net pegs
    • 16 poles with forked spike
    • 8 guy lines
    • 1 gate pole

    42m Omlet Chicken Fencing

    • 42m net
    • 46 net pegs
    • 21 poles with forked spike
    • 10 guy lines
    • 1 gate pole

    Important Information

    This netting is intended as a means of keeping your chickens in a contained area. It is not predator, rodent or rabbit proof nor can it be electrified. If you keep stock in the same area or have a rabbit issue please have a look at our Orange Electric fencing.

    The beauty about the New Omlet Chicken Fencing is the mesh netting. It is like a sheet of squares so it is not going to get tangled. It is fairly rigid and has little flex in it making it the perfect solution to use on level ground.
    We recommend if you are wanting chicken fencing that has more give and slack in it, especially if your ground is slightly uneven and gently hilly, then we recommend considering the Poulnet Non-Electric Fencing. This is a nylon rope-style fencing and better suited to uneven, hilly ground.

    Due to the nature of the polyers (plastic) and the manufacturing process there might be the odd very minor imperfection like a split strand in your new mesh netting.  In production, the plastic netting is first produced on a small scale, heated and then stretched through a series of rollers and guides to the specified grid size. This split strand is a fairly infrequent occurrence in this process where the stretching of the polymer has resulted in a non-uniform result.  The netting should retain it's integrity despite this divided strand. 

    The fencing poles are made of aluminium and are sturdy but still need to be handled with respect and not kicked or forced.

     The fencing will arrive folded down the middle and as a result may have a temporary crease when first assembled. This will disappear after a short period of use.

    Please choose carefully as we do not accept returns and offer refunds on Omlet Chicken Fencing. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 🐔

    Additional Pole Packs Available 

    Add extra corners and strength to your Omlet Chicken Fencing with additional strong double spiked poles. Use with your existing poles or as replacements for lost or damaged poles. 

    Buy additional pole pack here


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