Appletons De-Mite Powder



Appletons De-Mite Powder

For long-lasting residual control of red mite and other external parasites in poultry housing
Dust on perches and in nesting areas in poultry houses. The mites will crawl through the powder to get to the birds. The powder scratches the red mites waxy outer covering of their exoskeletons causing them to slowly dehydrate and die. This product is 100% natural, DE based and can be used safely in organic systems. There is no withholding period for meat or eggs.
We recommend first sanitising the hen house with Poultry Safeguard Concentrate or Smite Concentrate or Poultry Shield and when surfaces are dry apply the Appletons De-Mite Powder. Use hand application (wear a glove!) or our handy powder applicator and sprinkle/rub on perches and in nest box bedding. Apply to floor litter only if birds huddle/sleep on the floor at night. Dust Appletons De-Mite Powder into all the corners and timber joins around the house, perches, nest boxes. We apply weekly to our hen houses and coops to keep on top of the mites.
Can also be used effectively in poultry dust bowls/baths to aid with external parasite control. Available in 350g, 1kg and 5kg.

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For the control of red mites in your poultry houses, we recommend using Appletons De-Mite Powder.

Appletons De-Mite Powder 350g

Available in a 350g jar, 1kg pouch or 5kg bulk box.

Customer Reviews

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Sharon Marsden

Fast, hassle free purchase. Have only used it once to dust the chicken coop so too early to comment on the product. Would be good if it had a sprinkle lid to make it easier to spread.

De mite powder works well

Thanks for getting orders out quickly

Diana Eagle
Mite powder

Worked a treat to save to hens from anemia and was very touch and go but a good dusting on the hen plus adding it to the crushed grains each day has shown good health for all hens...Brooding bantams are most seceptible to red mites both it can take weeks until you notice any health problems, so a regime of spraying and dusting is necessary and maintenance is important..Thanks for two great products.


Easy to use and doesn't smell however after sprinkling liberally all over the coop walls, perches and bedding I am still seeing mites so it doesn't work as well as one would hope.

Delcia Crothers
Great service

Great service and wick delivery. Thanks.