Poultry Shield Concentrate 1L

Poultry Shield Concentrate 1L



Poultry Shield Concentrate 1L

Multi-Purpose Cleaner, Sanitiser and Odour Neutraliser
Poultry Shield can be used for cleaning and sanitising all animal housing and equipment and for the treatment of red mites. A clean house means healthy, happy chickens. It removes build-up dirt, faecal and waxy deposits and removes the organic matter in which red mites live and breed. We find it to be very effective in the control of red mites in our hen houses and chicken coops.

  • A revolutionary approach to controlling Red Mite in Poultry.               
  • Environmentally friendly
  • 95% killed in 48 hours including eggs       
    No egg withholding period
  • No egg withholding period
  • Effective against bacteria, virus, yeast and fungi
  • Non-toxic
  • Can be used safely around your birds
Instructions: To make 1 litre of Poultry Shield add 200ml of Poultry Shield concentrate to 800ml water. To clean, sanitise and odour neutralise your coop: Remove old bedding and excess litter. Spray interior areas and equipment with Poultry Shield solution. Pay particular attention to the roof structure, joints, cracks, crevices and perches. Leave to soak for one hour and wash/brush clean if necessary. - Protect your water supply. Rinse out drinkers weekly with Poultry Shield solution.
Only available in the 1L bottles. Please note this product has a new label.
Very effective and can be used in organic production according to the UK verification but no approval has been sort for use in NZ organic systems.
Appletons Poultry Shield

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Michelle Lindsay
Great service

Great service, regular updates on order status, Fast delivery

Poultry shield

Good website, stocks lots of useful things for chickens I've not found elsewhere.

I am so Glad I found this Website.

I have been looking for a while for a good place to buy and get advice for my Poultry. I have recently bought Poultry Shield and De-Mite Powder and have found the people helpful and prompt. Will deal with Appletons again.