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What You Can Do To Ensure Your Rabbit or Guinea Pig is Active and Healthy

Saturday, 19th February 2022

Providing your small pets with enough exercise and activity is extremely important for their mental and physical well-being. An under stimulated rabbit or guinea pig will easily become bored, which can result in unwanted behaviours and a lot of frustration. Luckily, there are things you as an owner can do to encourage movement and introduce more excitement into their lives. Here are some of our top tips:

exercise and activity are important for your rabbits mental and physical well-being

8 Easy Ways To Keep Your Pets Occupied, Fit and Happy! 😊

1. Provide More Space

It might seem obvious, but it’s much easier for a rabbit or guinea pig to get enough exercise if they have plenty of space to move around on. Extend their current small hutch and run, add new small animal playpens, or set up a room in the house or area of the garden where your pets can securely roam free. 

Discover Zippi RunsConnect hutch and play space
Extend their exercise space with a playpen or secure garden area
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs can exercise more if they have plenty of space to move around in
If space allows, add some variety to your rabbit or guinea pig hutch or run
Connect your pets run or playpen to the hutch with a Zippi tunnel system
A Zippi tunnel simulates a warren with a different destination at either end

2. Change Things Round

New things will excite and stimulate your rabbits and guinea pigs. However, they don’t need a completely new home every month to stay interested. Regularly swapping toys around or changing the setup of their hutch and run by moving accessories to new places will encourage them to explore, stimulating both brain and body!

Rabbit Play Tunnels
Swap toys or change the hutch set up to beat boredom

Encourage Them to Explore | Stimulating Both Brain and Body 🐇🐹

Zippi Tunnels offer rabbits and guinea pigs new places to explore
Bunny peeking out from the Zippi Tunnel Look Out
Zippi Tunnel Systems are like warrens for rabbits and appeal to their instincts
Zippi Guinea Pig Play Tunnels mimic a burrow

3. Get Them Foraging

Rabbits and guinea pigs instinctively love searching for food. You can help them live out this natural interest by hiding treats in their enclosure, stuffing hay into small nooks or putting leaves, fruit and vegetables in a Caddi Guinea Pig or Rabbit Treat Holder. Anything that gets your pets working for the reward of some really good treats is great in terms of activating them!

Caddi Treat Holder
Rabbits and guinea pigs instinctively love searching for food
Rabbit Platforms are great for exercise and using extra space

4. Level Up

Adding guinea pig and rabbit platforms to your enclosure is a great way of utilising all the space available. Guinea pigs will love running down ramps, and rabbits can use their long leg muscles to jump up onto platforms or steps. As if that wasn’t enough, rabbits especially love sitting up high and inspecting their surroundings, so giving them a lookout space is going to be very popular!

Rabbit PlatformsGuinea Pig Platforms
Guinea Pig Platforms are great for exercise and using extra space

5. Digging Opportunities

While it might not apply to the average guinea pig, you will struggle to find a rabbit that doesn’t absolutely love digging. If you don’t want them to ruin the lawn, giving them a designated digging pit is a good idea. A large plant pot or tray with loose soil will be a great start. You can also put some crumpled up newspaper in the bottom for your rabbit to shred. 

Give your rabbit the opportunity to dig in a designated digging pit
Rabbits love to dig. Consider a designated digging pit
Get involved with playing with your rabbit or guinea pig

6. Get Involved with Playing

If your pet is comfortable with it, a great way of activating them is to play together. Get down to their level and give them some time to get used to your presence. Eventually they will likely approach you and you can slowly introduce games and interactive playing. You can bring toys and treats for encouragement, depending on what your pet likes. Some rabbits and guinea pigs can also be mentally stimulated by learning tricks. We’ve got a blog on how to train your small pet if you think this might be for you!

Best Buddies | Bonding with Your BunnyApple Munch
Utilise space and go up with a guinea pig platform. Great for exercise and play

7. Teeth Exercise

Rabbits’ and guinea pigs’ teeth never stop growing, so to keep them in tip top shape your pets will need something to grind them down with. A constant supply of hay is the most important thing, but you can also give them gnaw toys and pet friendly branches to nibble on. 

Meadow Hay
A constant supply of hay helps guinea pigs and rabbits to grind down their teeth
A constant supply of hay helps guinea pigs and rabbits to maintain their teeth
Give your rabbit a safe shelter to relax or hide

8. Give Them a Space to Rest

While it’s important to give your pets enough space and opportunities to move and exercise, it’s just as important to make sure they have places in their home where they can settle down and relax. Being prey animals, they will benefit from having somewhere secluded to return to where they know they will be safe. This could be snuggling down in the bedding of their rabbit hutch, or peeking out from a guinea pig shelter on the run or relaxing under the shade of a zippi run cover.

Guinea Pig SheltersRabbit Shelters
Give your guinea pigs safe shelter to relax or hide
Zippi covers can be positioned anywhere on a Zippi Run

The Zippi cover can be positioned anywhere on a Zippi Run, including on top to provide your pets with shelter from the rain and shade from the sun or along the side to provide protection against the wind.

Zippi Cover | SmallZippi Cover | Large
Zippi covers provide protection from the sun, wind or rain


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