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Appletons Wood Shavings

Reap the benefits of using untreated wood shavings
Also ideal for raising chicks and in nest boxes. We recommend the use of wood shavings in a deep litter bed system. Shavings are better than wood chip or sawdust as are nice curls of timber rather than dust or chips. Deep litter is a term used to describe the floor of a chook house where loose dry material  (wood shavings) are used. If mixed with chicken manure and additional dry litter as required will not need removing for 6 to 12 months. If looked after deep litter has no smell and ends up as beautiful compost (with no added weeds!) We do not recommend the use of hay or straw in a deep bed litter system. It is not as effective as wood shavings in absorbing moisture and carries possible mould and fungi spores which can affect the respiratory health of pets (and humans!)

Available in 4 sizes: wine box size (courier), 420L bale (courier),  regular large bag (pick up or Ship) or bulk fadge (pick up or Ship)

Small Box -25L(compressed) - Expanded app. 40L  (Courier Size)
Top-quality, 100% NZ Produced Natural Pine Shavings. Super absorbent and odour reducing. Ideal choice for your pets bedding and litter trays. Kiln-dried to provide a dry and soft environment. Screened to remove dust and small particles with the health of your pet in mind. No chemicals or additives. Earth-friendly, eco-packaging – no plastic!

Large, Regular White Bags (Pick Up or Ship)
These are locally sourced from untreated timbers and can vary from pinus radiata (pine shavings) to macrocarpa or douglas fir. They can sometimes be slightly damp as most timber needs to be wet when cut. At times can be drier and finer in size. It all depends on what our local what our has readily available. 
Dimensions: app. 40cmx40cmx80cm

420L Bale (Courier Size)
Top-quality, 100% NZ Produced Natural Pine Shavings. Ideal for dairy, equestrian and poultry requirements. Super absorbent and odour reducing they are the ideal choice for your pets bedding and litter trays Kiln-dried to provide a warm, dry and soft environment. Compressed. Screened to remove dust and small particles with the health of your pet in mind. No chemicals or additives.

Fadge (Pick Up or Ship)
A Fadge weights app. 100 kgs and is made up of 100% NZ produced compressed pine wood shavings (4:1 Approx) Holds 2 cubic metres before pressing equals about 10 of our regular bags. The wood shavings in the fadges have been screened before pressing to minimise dust and are untreated kiln-dried and 98% dust-free. Please check we have them in stock prior to ordering. The fadge is available for pick up or we can ship with Mainfreight. Too large to courier.

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Michal Snajdr

Nice quality product, good price and fast shipping.
I'll definitely come back.
Thank you.

Review of 420L wood shavings.

I'm very happy with the quality of service I received from Appletons recently. The package came very quickly and was packed really securely.


My chooks love the shavings for their bedding, and great to spread on the garden after use

Tui Mita
Wood Shavings

Would recommend great product, great service

Bev Trueman
Wood Shavings

Very prompt service thank you. Purchased to fill a punching bag and works great.