Spiral Poultry Leg Bands 16mm



Spiral Poultry Leg Bands 16mm

A must for identifying your hens or for marking different ages in your flock.
We have found these spiral leg bands the best style of leg bands to use for easy identification of poultry plus they STAY ON!

At Appletons we use and recommend the spiral leg rings as they stay on the birds, unlike other clip-on types. The 16mm size fits the commercial hybrids and our heavy breed pullets comfortably. Height is 8mm and the inside dimension is 16mm. All edges smooth. Sold individually and available in blue, green, red and yellow. 

Customer Reviews

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Paula Simpson
Leg bands

Ha ha. Just love them.💞 My 8 chooks are all named so having different colored bands certainly makes it easier to call to them while they follow me around the garden. A couple are quite similar looking. My sister thinks I've lost the plot completely
Thanks again 🙃

Phil Preece

They're really good. Easy to put on and off (when accidently put on wrong chook)

sarah larnach
Handy for a pet flock

We hand raised 3 brown shavers and after eight months finally banded them in different colours so we know who’s who. Cinderella* is friendly and sneaky, Sleeping Beauty* likes a back scratch and Snow White* lives in hope of being thrown a worm from the garden.
*all named by a 3yo kid

Emma Wilkinson
Very good, but

Very good, but too small for my Sussex chooks. Pity they aren’t stocked by you in a bigger size!

Tasha Neilson

Spiral Poultry Leg Bands 16mm