Scaly Leg Spray 500ml

Scaly Leg Spray 500ml



Scaly Leg Spray 500ml

Very Effective Organic Treatment for Poultry Scaly Leg Mite.
This treatment is totally organic. A mixture of Cotton Seed Oil and Eucalyptus. 
Instructions: Spray oil on legs, avoiding the feathers. Saturate the affected areas. Repeat treatment may be required within 4 to 6 days. "Scaly Leg Spray" works by suffocation.

Do Your Chickens Have Scaly Leg Mite?
Scaly legs on chickens are caused by a parasitic mite (Knemidocoptes mutans) that burrow under the scales on the chicken's legs. The damaged tissue weeps, which is what these mites feed on.
Signs and Symptoms

  • Raised scales on the legs
  • Crusty legs
  • Lameness (severe cases)
  • Can also be found on the comb and wattles
In the early stages of the infection, the chicken will have mild irritation. It takes several months of infection before the scales on the legs start to lift.

Repeat application is recommended. You should treat all of your birds even if only one bird has scaly legs, as scaly leg mite is very contagious and it is highly likely that all of your birds will have the mite.
Scaly foot is a bird ailment that is common among caged birds and also affects many other bird species. It is caused by mites in the genus Knemidocoptes which burrow into the bird's flesh. The tunnels made by the mites within the skin cause dermatitis and scaly lesions. Scaly face is caused by the same mite responsible for scaly foot and other related mites cause depluming. The condition is transmitted from one bird to another by direct prolonged contact.

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Scaly Leg Spray

Wonderful product! Easy to use and has been super effective 🙂

Scaly Leg Product

As usual the service was excellent and the delivery was so quick. Thank you very much and I highly recommend dealing with Appletons for all poultry needs. Heather-Ann Smith Kaikoura

Chicken health

Thanks - great service,Would be good if instructions were included i.e. how many times to apply leg mite solution etc.

Leg Spray

Excellent product, just one application as per instructions and mite infestation gone!