Replacement Float Assembly Only

Replacement Float Assembly Only



Replacement Float Assembly Only

This is an aftermarket replacement float valve with 15mm bsp male fitting. The float comes complete with fixing nut and rubber washer. 
Float arm has an adjustment screw so that it can fit almost all Auto Fill Water bowls including Stainless steel 2.5 Litre drinker bowl, Stainless steel 4.0 Litre Drinker Trough and 4.0-litre Nylon Drinker troughs. 
Ideal for building your own header tank system or for reducing Mains pressure down to gravity feed pressure. Gravity pressure is ideal when installing drinker systems such as the Mini Automatic Poultry / Chick Drinker and Automatic Poultry Drinker. Also great for homemade drinker stations and troughs.
Valve will cope with all pressures from low-pressure gravity feed through to high-pressure mains up to a maximum of 180 psi.

Customer Reviews

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Kevin Bower

Replacement Float Assembly Only

Lex Crowley
Cock & ball float

Works well even at mains water pressure.

Bruce Chisholm

I was looking for a small ballcock that i could fit inside the barrel used to supply water for a Uk caravan. It worked perfectly cutting off the supply from the tap when the barrel was full thereby always having a full barrel to pump out of to supply the van.

Michael Hall
Float assembly

Prompt service. Good product

Josien Reinalda
Works fine

Good replacement, fits and works fine.