Pour-on Drench 30ml

Pour-on Drench 30ml



Pour-on Drench 30ml

Now available in a dropper bottle with nozzle and cap for handly dosing.

Used with great results in poultry circles as a reliable treatment for most internal and external parasites. External parasites like lice and scaly leg mite but will also kill any red mites that try to suck off your chicken. 

This is long-lasting endectocide and applied directly to the skin of the bird. It is approved for use on other farm animals but has not been officially approved for use on poultry hence the recommended 14-day withholding period. 

Customer Reviews

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Ease of use

The easiest method to deworm my chickens. No measuring . Wait period did not worry me.

Bridget G.
Chooks cheered up, though we're still fighting the mites

We've been fighting mites for a couple of months and this coupled with the great cleaner and DE from Appletons we've got one of our girls happy enough to lay again within a fortnight! We still have mites but hopefully they'll soon die off.

Holly Christie
Pour on drench - for chickens

Wow so easy to use. Need to buy dropper separately. Product worked fast. Massive change to chickens health immediately. Fast delivery.

Pour on drench had my girls perk up in no time

I have been using this for a few years now on those fortunately few but unwanted occasions when the 'vampires' are found lurking around the roosting perches or worse in the nesting box. I have always found it very effective used together with a cleaning regime for the housing. Prompt delivery from Appletons was appreciated as I needed to clear it up before eggs hatched!

Karl Salt

Pour on Drench 30ml