A Traditional Timber Chicken Coop with Easy Access to House and Run 

All round a fantastic basic chicken coop ideal for rearing young birds or keeping 3 to 4 hens.


  • accommodates 3 x standard size laying hens or up to 4 on a free range basis
  • quality workmanship with attention paid to detail and finish
  • all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood
  • lightweight and easy to move with long wooden handles at each end
  • draught-free house with ventilation holes
  • square welded wire mesh on run
  • apex style plywood roof on house with weatherproof wire strip
  • access to house via a lift up plywood roof panel
  • pop-hole access from house to run with door catch
  • pop-hole access from wire run to outside with door catch
  • lift out plywood floor in house for easy cleaning
  • 1 x removable perch for easy cleaning
  • 1 x removable plastic nest box (no external nesting boxes with this model)
  • overall dimensions  2m by 0.9m and 0.75m high (to apex)
  • House dimensions 1m by 0.9m and the run is 1m by 0.9m
  • Kitset option available with easy-to-follow assembly instructions

Ideal for keeping just a few laying hens in your backyard or perfect for keeping a mother hen with her young safe or for growing young pullets on to POL.

We use many of these movable coops here at Appletons for raising many of our young pullets on to point of lay. Each day we move them around onto fresh grass. Chooks love having access to fresh greens and moving your coop daily helps to rest the area and keeps your lawn from being scratched over! Ideally hens enjoy having access to free range, they love stretching their legs and exercising their wings so letting them out in the afternoon each day is a good idea.

Movable Timber Chicken Coop



Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Movable Timber Coop

Thank you for a wonderful product - we love the coop - easy to assemble and easy to shift!!!! Our chooks are very happy and look forward to their shifts! Another successful buy from Appletons! Mary and Jim

Movable Coop

Thanks for your product-the chooks are happy and secure and can get out of the wind if wanted.The coop is very sturdy and I'm confident it will last for years.

Great design

I bought another one as I love the design of this coop! Being a moveable coop It has plenty of room for my chooks to be able to be on fresh grass every few days, as well as providing a large safe sleeping area for them. The coops are really well built, and should last for years:-)

I love this coop

I have had one of these coops for a couple of months now, and love it. It is a great design, really well made, and easy to move around onto fresh grass. My chooks spent a couple of weeks in the coop before I let them out in the mornings, and they go back in and roost there at night. I make sure I close the door at dusk, so preditors can't get them while they are sleeping and It's nice to know they are safe and sound. If you want to restrict the chooks roaming, purchase a couple of Appletons moveable pens to put around the outside. Appletons are great to deal with, and I highly recommend them.

Awesome Coop

We ordered this coop as we wanted something small and easy to use for our two, soon to become three, chooks. The coop arrived in flat pack and was easy to assemble. It is a really good design and works very well for a small chicken family. We have it set up within a larger run. Thanks to Appletons for very good service and a great design. Satisfied customers in Dunedin area :)