Mini Cup Drinker + Elbow

Mini Cup Drinker + Elbow



Mini Cup Drinker + Elbow

These tidy little drinkers is a great alternative from the larger auto-fill water drinker systems.

  • We recommend approx. 1 drinker per 2 to 3 chickens. (e.g. a flock of 6 hens will require approx 2 to 3 lubing cups).
  • The drinker works on a similar principle to nipple drinkers, although is designed for use specifically for poultry and game (not rabbits or parrots that chew).
  • The device requires a low-pressure gravity feed supply via a header tank, drum or bucket. (no greater than 400mm of head). 
  • The elbow is designed to fit the drinker directly into the side of your own water supply bucket or tank.

Customer Reviews

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Ralph Ford
great service!!

Thank you so much for all the gear we purchased from Appletons.
It all came in good time, good.condition.
Very pleased. Great on line company.
Our chicken are happily enjoying themselves. CHEERS. Jacky Ford...

Sharon Hall

Mini Cup Drinker + Elbow

Grant Stirling
Chickens like using it.

Great design and chickens used them immediately. We had 2 on 1 x15l bucket for 4 chickens. They can poop into the little cups if they sit or roost on the top of the bucket.
Only issue was no plastic nut to fasten from the inside of the bucket. I used metal ones I had and noticed them rusting already. Otherwise great.

Froma Rakuraku
Mini cup drinker with elbow

Brilliant...chooks new exactly what to do. We have six birds. 2x fountains with 2 mini cups in each allowing enough fluids for a week. Super easy

M and K
Happy Chickens

Great products and service.