Horizontal (side mount) nipple drinker



Horizontal (Side Mount) Nipple Drinker

Birds learn quickly how to use this system.
Ingenious design from Europe, Easy to set up by simply drilling an 8mm hole into the side of a bucket or bottle even PVC pipe. (suitable for low-pressure water supply only) Position at a height suitable for the average chicken in your flock or have some higher or lower if your flock is of mixed sizes. Birds quickly learn to use this system. Suitable for chickens approx 3 weeks old to full-grown adults. (Not day olds) Approx 3 to 5 hens maximum per nipple.

Tips for training chooks onto nipples 
The golden rule for teaching birds to use any type of new watering system like nipples is to remove all other sources of water! As long as they have what they are familiar with they will use it first and will never try something new. If their only choice is to drink from that new shiny metal thingy hanging under the pipe or bucket, it will only take one thirsty bird to try it and show everybody elsewhere to get a drink. So just to be perfectly clear, to teach your birds to use the nipples, remember golden rule...Remove all other sources of water! When installing the new nipple system, simply gather your chooks around and show them by tapping the nipples with your fingers which cause water to leak. That will get their attention and they learn very quickly.

We recommend 3-4 chooks per nipple.

Customer Reviews

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Excellent communication, with speedy delivery and great product as always!

Very happy with purchase.

Works like a charm

This product is cheap and easy to install. We used it to convert an old bucket into a water tank - so the chooks always have plenty of clean water which doesn't get soiled. Our chooks started using it straight away with no trouble.

side nipple drinkers

Order received in 2 days, attached as instructed by the simple drilling of a hole and I have had clean water available to my 20 hens ever since. Water stays clean, no cross contamination and they all learns so quickly how to activate it and drink from. Best invention I have had for my hens in 15 years. Thanks

Side mount nipples

Thanks for the rapid response. The hens love the drippers .