Fruit Skelter



Still using a regular fruit bowl? 

It's time to refresh your routine with a Fruit Skelter! Brand new and designed in the UK, this innovative product will take the fuss out of fruit storage and it looks rather fabulous too.

Can't remember which mandarines you bought last week and which ones were fresh this week? 🍊
A Fruit Skelter takes the guesswork out of your fruit's age. By topping up your Fruit Skelter from the back and taking it from the front, you'll always eat your fruit in date order. 

How do you store your bananas? 🍌
Keep them in a bowl and they'll bruise, keep them in contact with other fruit and they'll over-ripen, keep them in the fridge and...oh, there's no room. A Fruit Skelter offers the solution. Attach the removable hook to hang your bunch and not only will you save space but your bananas will ripen evenly without the danger of being bumped. Brilliant!

Do your pesky pears squash your soft kiwifruit? 🥝 
Layering all your different fruits in one basket is always going to cause chaos, meaning sometimes it's just too late to save that suffering citrus. A Fruit Skelter prevents these disasters by making your fruit queue up in an orderly fashion and behave sensibly. 

The Fruit Skelter looks magnificent in any home, creating a mouth-watering visual spectacle. 🍏
Keep it topped up and the spiralling edible rainbow may even encourage you to eat more fruit, helping towards a healthy and happy lifestyle.