Fido Nook - The 2-in-1 Luxury Dog Bed And Optional Crate



Fido Nook - The 2-in-1 Luxury Dog Bed And Optional Crate

The new Fido Nook combines a modern and elegant piece of wooden furniture with a cosy space for your dog’s bed. It elegantly complements your home whilst providing your pet with theirs. Available in two sizes, with the handy storage wardrobe, you can secure a traditional dog crate in the Fido Nook when you are puppy training. Using the innovative quick release lock you can remove the dog crate whenever you want to transform the Fido Nook into the ultimate luxury dog kennel. If your dog could design their own dog house it would probably look like this. Upgrade to a Fido Nook dog bed today!

Please note the dog crate and quick release lock are additional to the Fido Nook purchase, as is the dog bed and tray.

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100% Delighted

These are the best. Excellent quality. Dogs love them and I now have furniture not dog cages. Assembly was easy still married

Discover the awesome Fido Nook from OMLET. Only available for sale in NZ as a complete package including wardrobe, shelf and storage basket. Crate and Nook tray are optional and can be purchased separately.

Fido Nook Size and Breed Guide

The Fido Nook is available in two different sizes so whether you have a small dog such as a Chihuahua, Yorkie, Schnoodle, Pomsky or a larger breed such as a Spaniel, Cockapoo, Goldendoodle or Labrador there's a Nook that's just right for them.

The Fido Nook 24 has an internal width of 63cm / 25in and has been specially designed for smaller dogs. Breeds such as the Chihuahua, Chorkie, Puggle, Dachshund, Lhasa Apso, Chug, Pomeranian, Pug or Yorkshire Terrier are ideally suited to the Fido Nook 24. If you are using it without the crate, then slightly larger breeds such as the Schnoodle (Schnauzer Poodle cross), Maltipoo (Maltese and Poodle cross), Yorkipoo (Yorkie and Poodle cross), Pekeapoo Pekingese and Poodle cross) and Cavapoo (Pip the star of our photoshoot is a Cavapoo) are also suitable.

 The Fido Nook 36 has an internal width of 96cm / 38in and has been designed to accommodate larger dogs. Bulldogs, Spaniels, Whippets and other such similar breeds will feel right at home in the Fido Nook 36. If you are using without a crate then larger breeds such as the Bassador (Basset hound and Labrador cross), Labradoodle (the star of our photoshoot is a Labradoodle called Treacle and is a cross between a labrador and a poodle), Goldendoodle (Golden Retriever Poodle cross) and labradors are also suitable.

 And of course, if you have a good old fashioned Mutt then there's a Fido Nook for them too!

From Training Crate to Doggy Den

Experts agree the fastest and most reliable puppy potty training method is to use a dog crate. A dog crate also provides your pet with its own space within your home, helping it to feel settled. Your puppy will naturally go to it’s crate if they want to sleep or just relax. Both the Fido Nook 24 and 36 sizes are compatible with most manufacturers equivalent crates, so if you already have a crate the chances are it will fit. All dimensions are at the bottom of the page for you to easily check.

Once a puppy is house trained many people prefer not to continue using a crate because the style may not suit their home. They remove the puppy's crate and put a dog bed directly on the floor. The new dog bed can be draughty and noisy which not only leaves the puppy feeling exposed but it can also make them nervous.

The Fido Nook not only provides a safe haven in which your dog can relax and feel safe, it can also have a positive effect on your dog’s behaviour. You'll find your dog is more confident and calm as they enjoy the warmth and security that having a special place to call their own brings. With the crate removed the Fido Nook is completely mesh free and stands alone as a stunning piece of wooden furniture that will complement any living room.

Optional Integrated Dog Crate

You can securely integrate a puppy training crate into the Fido Nook. Unlike traditional dog crate covers it complements your home as a stylish piece of furniture.

Optional Quick Release Lock

Omlet's new quick release lock makes it simple to secure and release your dog crate from the Fido Nook. 

Luxury Dog House

With the crate removed you can combine your dog's favourite bed with the Fido Nook to create the ultimate luxury dog kennel.

Integrated Wardrobe To Keep Your House Tidy

The Fido Nook includes a fully integrated wardrobe which offers a wonderfully practical storage solution for your dog's harness, leash, dog toys, treats and other accessories. Until now, dogs and a tidy home have not necessarily gone together. But with a Fido Nook wardrobe your dog’s clothes will no longer be discarded on the floor and say goodbye to your dog’s favourite ball being a trip hazard in the hallway. Use the shelf to store your dog’s bowl and there’s plenty of space for food and treats too. The wardrobe integrates seamlessly on either the left or right hand side of your Fido Nook to create an elegant and incredibly practical solution. Now all of your dog toys, dog clothes, dog treats and other handy accessories can be practically stored together in the handy wardrobe.

The clothes rail and mirror are not available for sale in NZ.

Ideal For Use With Most Dog Beds

The Fido Nook is compatible with most dog beds, including the amazing range from Omlet. The Fido Nook 24 measures 63cm/25in across and 49cm/19in front to back and is ideal for use with a Small Bolster or Topology bed, whereas the 36 measures 96cm/38in across and 63cm/25in front to back, and will be perfect for a Medium. You can of course also add your dog’s current bed. Every Fido Nook comes with an anti-slip mat that sits underneath the dog bed, making sure it stays in place. By placing your dog’s bed in the Fido Nook you also neatly catch dirt and hair in one place, keeping your house cleaner.

Avoid Draughts, Bumps And Discos

Raised off the ground, the Fido Nook offers many advantages over simply placing a dog bed on the floor. By placing your dog’s bed inside the sturdy wooden walls of the Fido Nook you will protect it from accidental bumps and disturbances that happen in busy households. Your dog will happily sleep, blissfully unaware that you’ve just vacuumed the living room and if the kids are having an impromptu disco your dog can take a break from the dancefloor. It can be surprisingly draughty low down in a house and raising your dog’s bed by placing it in the Fido Nook will also protect your pet from catching a chill. Providing your dog with their own secluded space such as the one offered by the Fido Nook can not only make them feel more comfortable but has also been proven to improve confidence and overall behaviour. This is especially true when socialising and raising puppies or slightly older dogs with a tendency to be nervous.

Subtle And Stunning At The Same Time

The Fido Nook has been designed and meticulously tested by Omlet, world leaders in modern pet housing. It’s subtle design complements both modern and traditional interiors. The look and feel of the Fido Nook can be changed by your choice of colour, pattern and style of bed and unlike fabric dog crate covers it can be wiped clean of any muddy paws. And because it’s a complete piece of wood furniture the space above your dog can be reclaimed to display cherished items, plants or perhaps a beautiful side light.

Durable Nook Tray to Catch Spills

This tough plastic tray will catch any spills making cleaning quick and easy.

Deep Filled Dog Bed

This extra deep filled bed is designed to fit exactly into the Fido Nook and has a removable machine washable cover.

Classic Dog Crate

The dog crate needs to be purchased separately. Brilliant to use when purchasing a puppy and art of puppy training. Includes crate tray.

Quick Release Lock

 Omlet's innovative quick release lock means you can safely secure your dog crate within the Fido Nook. You can then remove the crate just as easily for use on car journeys.

Use Topology Beds with Fido Dog Crates

The Topology Bed fits beautifully in the Fido Nook both with and without a crate, so that you can make sure your dog is both safe and comfortable while resting. Plus, you can store all your dog’s toppers in the handy wardrobe!

The photo shows the Fido Dog Studio. Please note we do not sell the Fido Studio without the wardrobe.

Discover Topology

Transferring Your Dog Crate to the Car Made Easy

Using a dog crate when you and your dog are going on a car journey is the safest way to transport your dog. One of the many great features of the Fido Nook is that it is fully compatible with the Fido Classic dog crate as well as crates from most other manufacturers. The easy release mechanism on the Fido Nook is the first of its kind on any piece of dog furniture. To operate, simply raise the levers, which neatly clip into the stow position, and then remove the crate. You can now take your dog crate out to the car. When you return simply slide the dog crate back into the Fido Nook and move the levers into the lock position. A sound proof material quietly secures each lever against the dog crate and ensures that you and your pet are not disturbed. See the below section on dimensions to check if your existing travel crate or dog bed will fit into the Fido Nook.

Fido Nook Dimensions and Packaging Specification

The Fido Nook is currently available in two different sizes. The Fido Nook 24 is suitable for dogs up to 20kg / 45lbs and is ideal for small to medium breeds such as the Yorkshire Terrier, and Cavapoo. The Fido Nook 36 is suitable for larger breeds up to 40kg / 90lbs without the crate such as the Labradors, Spaniels and Labradoodles. Please see below for dimensions and specifications of each size. 

Fido Nook 24 Dimensions: External - Length 69cm/27in, Depth 52cm/20in, Height 63cm/25in Internal - Length 63cm/25in, Depth 49cm/19in, Height 54cm/21in

Fido Nook 24 Wardrobe Dimensions: External - Length 33cm/13in, Depth 52cm/20in, Height 63cm/25in Internal - Length 29cm/11in, Depth 48cm/19in, Height 54cm/21in

Fido Nook 24 Packaging Dimensions: Boxed Fido Nook: 76.8cm x 56.3cm x 11.5cm (21.6kg) Boxed Wardrobe (optional): 73.3cm x 59.4cm x 8.6cm (14.3kg)

Fido Nook 36 Dimensions: External - Length 102cm/40in, Depth 66cm/26in, Height 77cm/30in Internal - Length 96cm/38in, Depth 63cm/25in, Height 68cm/27in

Fido Nook 36 Wardrobe Dimensions: External - Length 33cm/13in, Depth 66cm/26in, Height 77cm/30in Internal - Length 29cm/11in, Depth 62cm/24in, Height 68cm/27in

Fido Nook 36 Packaging Dimensions: Fido Nook Box A: 109.3cm x 71.9cm x 7.4cm (14.2kg) Fido Nook Box B: 76.8cm x 68.9cm x 7.5cm (16.6kg) Boxed Wardrobe (optional): 74.9cm x 72.8cm x 9.0cm (18.9kg)