Omlet Feeder Drinker Hoop



Omlet Feeder Drinker Hoop

NEW! This easy to use Feeder Drinker Hoop from Omlet is specially designed to prevent waste and mess. Not only does it keep your chicken's food and water cleaner for longer, the Feeder Drinker Hoop helps protect against vermin and eliminates the likelihood of the drinking being knocked over as it empties! Simply tread the Feeder Drinker Hoop into soft ground and suspend your chicken's food and water below at a height that is ideal for them to use!

The Feeder Drinker Hoop is made from a strong plastic coated steel rod and is compatible with a wide range of feeders and drinkers up to 35 cm wide and 50 cm tall.

Please note - Feeder is not included with the hoop.