Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder



Eglu Go UP Chicken Coop Frame and Ladder

Turn your Eglu Go into an Eglu Go UP. This frame and ladder will raise your existing Eglu Go Chicken House off the ground, allowing your hens to roost up high, and making it easier for you to collect the eggs.

Suitable for use with the Eglu Go House only. Cannot be used with existing Eglu Go 2m Run.

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery and great product!

Much easier now to clean and check on the girls. It took a couple of days for the girls to get used to their new ladder but now they seem to really like it.

Lea Hullett
Perfect accommodation for hens

This is my 2nd Go, this time a Go-Up without the run or wheels as I have Omlet fencing. Perfect for my Shavers. These hens, bred to lay an egg a day each during short lives, deserve the best accommodation and I am happy they are secure at night. Very easy for me to move and clean. The Go with run and wheels is now a nursery for my lovely Dorking, a heritage breed.

Eglu Go Up Frame

Great to finally get our Eglu off the ground! Happy chooks! Quick and easy to put together. We love watching our girls go up and down the ladder- very graceful! 😊

Eglu go up

This is the best coop it is my third house and I'm happy with them all so easy to clean

Debra Wynn
A worth while investment

A great purchase to convert our GO to a GO UP.