Drink-O-Matic Bucket Drinker with Legs 18L



Drink-O-Matic Bucket Drinker with Legs 18L

High-quality Feed-O-Matic 18L drinker imported from Europe with sizeable 18-litre capacity, easy-fill top and versatile legs to raise drinker off the ground.

  • Super easy to fill
  • Super easy to clean
  • Sturdy legs (10cm tall)
  • Frost Proof & UV Protected – Heavy Duty Poly Prop plastic with large nylon carry handle and lid.
  • Water will not green up like in transparent drinkers.
  • Built-in float valve makes topping up the drinker a breeze.
  • Holds a decent amount of water!
  • Assembly Required - Included with purchase is an easy to follow instruction booklet.

Colour varies depending on stock supplier availability: Green & White or Red & White.

Drin-o-matic Bucket Drinker top fill 18L

Customer Reviews

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Paul Whaanga

Drink-O-Matic Bucket Drinker with Legs 18L

Jon Pawley
Great service from Appletons, drinker a little fiddly, legs a bit iffy...

Appletons have given great service -- the drinker I ordered arrived lovely and promptly, even in the middle of COVID lockdown. The drinker was a little fiddly to assemble -- there's a critical part that needs to be inserted the correct way round, which I failed to do first time round. A quick call to Appletons helped me realise where I had gone wrong -- so many thanks there!

Unfortunately, the mechanism for attaching the legs to the drinker is less than ideal (in my opinion). You have to screw some (provided) screws into the plastic, so that they "self tap" and create their own hole in the bottom of the bucket; however it is too easy to overdo this... and end up with a hole in the bucket where the screws wont grip anymore. I've ended up having to balance the bucket on one of the legs, which is less than ideal. This is probably "user error"... but it does seem like an easy problem to have.

Other than that... great!

Valerie Walton
Water feeder

Drink-O-Matic Hanging Bucket Drinker. Really well made product. Hens are still learning how to use it but will. I recommend this as it keeps the water clean from wild bird droppings.

Bucket Water Feeder

Very happy, arrived very quick. Assembled easy, Chickens now happy ducks not mudding up their water.

catherine gleeson
Drink-O-Matic chicken waterer

This is a fabulous waterer - well designed, sturdy, good looking and the chooks immediately drank from it! Excellent customer service from Appletons. I received it within two days up to Auckland. Very happy :)