Grow Your Pigs Well

All stock benefit from being protected from the elements; wind, rain and sun.


  • professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions  
  • built on skids for easy towing around the paddock  
  • all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood  
  • solid plywood floor  
  • galvanised corrugated iron roof with flashing on each side  
  • a door in back panel for when you need to refresh bedding or check on your piggies!  
  • slide out doorstop to prevent bedding falling out.  
  •  pig access via front opening with front panel made of plywood and wire mesh at top for ventilation.  
  • two secure bolts on door for extra strength and safety...we all know what pigs are like!  
  • size : 2.4m x 1.2m x 1.3m to front of roof  
  •  If you would like your pig shelter to blend with your other outbuildings please talk to us about upgrading to a matching coloursteel endura roof.  
  • OPTIONAL rolled gutter ar rear - prevents drips when accessing back door.  

Pigs enjoy having a shelter. A place to have that afternoon snooze out of the hot summer sun or ...escape from the cold rain and wind when the weather turns nasty...or just somewhere to be a pig!

We also have a PIGSTY available if you prefer to keep your pigs contained. The pigsty is made up of the pig shelter with a detachable pen. Both the shelter and the pen are raised on skids for easy moving around the paddock.

Pig Shelter



Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
pig house

Awesome pig house. It took us 15 minutes to assemble. The piggies will be very happy in their warm and sturdy enclosure. Great service too.

Surpassed Our Expectations!

We erected our pig pens over the weekend and where very impressed with them. They surpassed our expectations and are great money for value, thanks very much.