External Laying Boxes For Easy Egg Collection

The perfect medium sized raised timber hen house for your backyard layers.


  • accommodates up to 6 heavy breed hens or commercial hybrids (brown shavers or hylines) with daily access to free range.
  • professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions 
  • all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood 
  • raised house on 4 sturdy legs
  • ventilation holes in front panel (if purchased with a run these will be on the side panel) 
  • apex style plywood roof with internal access via one lift up roof panel
  • perch removable for easy cleaning  
  • external laying box with 2 nest boxes and watertight (sealed with waterproof strip)  
  • opening and closing pop-hole for chooks to come and go  
  • ramp supplied
  • app. house size 1m by 1m  
  • app. height to apex app.1.15m

Inside View

Spacious house with single 1.2m long removable perch. Two piece removable floor for easy cleaning. Two good sized laying boxes with easy access from the house for the laying hens. Excellent external access via lift up lid from the outside for egg collection.

A solid well built raised hen house that will comfortably house 6 hens

Optional 900mm High Enclosed Run

The Deluxe Raised Hen House is available with an optional enclosed 0.9m high run off the front. The run will give your chooks access to a secure outside space all day. This option will give you added peace of mind knowing your hens are safe from predators and visiting dogs or a good way to ensure your girls stay off your immaculate flower beds or from discovering your vegetable garden. The optional run is separate to the house so each can be moved individually to a new area if required.

The run is app. 2.4m wide by 2.7m long and 0.9m high. The Deluxe Raised Hen House will then sit flush up to one of the panels. There will be a rectangular opening in this panel so the chooks can access the run via the pop hole in the house. Please note the pop-hole/door to the hen house will swing inwards on all models ordered with the run. This allows for easy closing and opening of the hen house without having to go into the run. The run panel that sits up to the hen house will also accommodate a hinged door to the run plus a chook pop-hole so the chooks can free range from the run into the garden/paddock. Three netting roof panels are included to make the run fully enclosed. Please note photo shows only two panels on roof.

Optional Easy Access to Water  for You and Your Chickens

We can also cut a small slot in the run to accommodate the Appletons Easy Care Drinker. The bulk of the drinker will sit on the outside of the run and the chooks can have access to the water trough just inside. This works a treat and makes filling the drinker easier and gives the chooks more space in the run.

When the Deluxe Hen House is purchased with a 900mm high or 1.9m high run the ventilation holes are placed in the side panel.
Pop-hole door now opens into the house.

Deluxe Hen House



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