Walk-In, Easy to Clean and Looks Good!

One of our best selling models: spacious, walk-in and easy to clean.


  • accommodates up to 20 heavy breed hens or 24 commercial hybrids (brown shavers or hylines) with daily access to free range.  
  • professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions  
  • all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood  
  • built on skids for easy towing around the paddock  
  • solid plywood floor  
  • corrugated galvanised iron roof with flashings at each end and a rolled (non-drip) gutter on the front netting side  
  • person-sized door for easy access  
  • 3 nest boxes accessed from the outside and watertight (sealed with a waterproof strip)  
  • 3 removable perches for easy cleaning  
  • quality square mesh on front panel for good ventilation and light  
  • one pop-hole for chicken access (we place it where you want it!)
  • pop-hole is opening and closing and lockable at night  
  • doorstop to prevent shavings spilling out
  • dimensions: 2.4m long x 1.2m deep x 1.8m high to the apex inside/ 2m high outside.  
  • nest boxes are external to this measurement  
  • doubles as a garden/storage shed when not being used for chooks!  
  • position of nest boxes and door can be placed at either end  
  • If you would like your hen house to blend with your other outbuildings please talk to us about upgrading to a matching coloursteel endura roof

Well designed, well built and attention paid to every detail

Pop-hole Access

We can place the chicken access 'pop-hole' wherever you would like it. In the front netting panel below the nesting boxes OR in the end panel alongside the person door would be the recommended places. Please let us know on ordering where you would your pop-hole placed. There are a few pointers worth remembering: You do not want to create a through draught in the hen house so think about where your prevailing wind comes from and also the position of any outside runs. We can also add additional pop-hole/s to give you more options in the future. Please let us know if you would like additional pop-hole/s as they do incur an additional cost.

Upgrade Roof Colour

We can design your Apex Hen House to match your house roof colour and that of other outbuildings. This option looks very smart and is worth the upgrade. The other advantage of a Colourteel Endura colour is that it minimizes the early morning or late afternoon glare of the sun reflecting off the roof. So consider if positioning your hen house anywhere within your living room view or favourite vista an upgrade to coloursteel is definitely worth contemplating.

Colorsteel Endura have a standard range of colours. Select one of their popular colours from their range and we can upgrade from the standard galvanised iron to the colour of your choice. Roof iron, flashings and rolled gutter will all match. An additional pop-hole has been cut in the front to give the customer more options regarding chook access.

Additional Rolled Gutter

One rolled gutter comes as standard on the front side with the netting panel. We can add a second rolled gutter in galvanised iron if required at the rear or if you choose to have a roof colour then select the coloursteel version. A rolled gutter look smart and also take away from the sharp corro iron edge which for some folk can be at head height. 

Optional Standard Run (2.6m x 2.4m)

The Apex Hen House is available with an optional standard run built out the front or out the back. This is the ideal set up if you wish to let your chooks out to sun themselves, dust bath and scratch in the dirt when you are not around to monitor them. A run will give added peace of mind knowing your hens are safe from visiting predators or a good way to keep your girls off your immaculate flower beds or from discovering your vegetable garden.
Run size as per photo : 2.4m wide x 1.8m high x 2.6m long.
Door to run can be positioned in any panel. Run is made up of 3 full sized panels that are easily screwed together plus two small joiner panels. Level surface required for assembly. If you require a customised run to suit your requirements we are happy to assist.
Top netting panel optional - helps to keep the light breeds in and the sparrows out!

Optional Extended Run (5m x 2.4m)

If more space is required then two additional panels can be added giving the run a full length of 5m. We also offer the option to fully enclose the extended run with wire mesh netting panels. Panels will fully enclose the top and an small additional panel will sit nice and neatly between the rolled gutter on the roof and the top panel. This will ensure all cats and other predators are kept out and your chooks are secure within.

Apex Hen House




Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Happy hens

Really well designed and considering its size easy to put up. Delivered in expected timeframe. Thanks was awesome to deal with you guys.

claire booth
Excellent hen house

We bought an apex and it took only two hours to assemble and the chooks love it!

catherine keogan

Hi loved both the hen houses we got from you the large Apex and also the small Apex, happy chooks...


The hen house is great thanks- all painted now - is sturdy & chickens love it. We hope to put wheels on (any ideas?) to help relocate further afield on uneven ground but opted for bolts on base as designed which works great towing with mower around garden. Very easy to assemble & good quality (really appreciated saving us work!).

Sara Burrows
Apex Hen House

Thank you for the wonderful service. Hen house arrive in good condition and is exactly what we needed for our girls. Appreciate the follow up and chasing up of mainfreight when they lost our order. Very good communication. Will definitely purchase other products in the future. Excellent quality for money. We are very happy customers. Thank you!