Practical, Quality Accommodation for Your Best Friend(s)

A decent-sized dog kennel!


  • accommodates one or more dogs depending on size.
  • professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  •  all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood
  • built on skids for easy towing around the paddock
  •  solid plywood floor
  •  corrugated galvanised iron roof with flashings at each end and a rolled (non-drip) gutter on the front netting side
  • person-sized door for easy access
  • pooch pop-hole can be placed where required at any requested height and width
  • quality square mesh on front panel for good ventilation and light
  • external timber shutters to shut out the wind and bad weather or open for sun and ventilation when required.
  • opening and closing pooch- door
  • size : 2.4m long x 1.2m deep x 1.8m high to the apex inside/ 2m high outside.
  • If you would like your dog house to blend with your other outbuildings please talk to us about upgrading to a matching coloursteel endura roof.

Pooch-hole Access

We can place the dog access 'pooch-hole' wherever you would like it. In the front netting panel OR in the end panel opposite the person door. Please let us know on ordering where you would like them placed. There are a few pointers worth remembering: You do not want to create a through draught so think about where your prevailing wind come from.

External Shutters

The advantage of two external shutters allows for greater control of ventilation and warmth.

Shutters are now come with slide-in hinges. The benefit of this is that the shutters can be removed and stored elsewhere if required.

Upgrade Roof Colour

We can design your Apex Dog House to match your house roof colour and that of other outbuildings. This option looks very smart and is worth the upgrade.Colorsteel Endura have a standard range of colours. Select one of their popular colours from their range and we can upgrade from the standard galvanised iron to the colour of your choice. Roof iron, flashings and rolled gutter will all match.

Additional Rolled Gutter

One rolled gutter comes as standard on the front side with the netting panel. We can add a second rolled gutter in galvanised iron if required or if you choose to have a roof colour then select the coloursteel version. A rolled gutter look smart and also take away from the sharp corro iron edge which for some folk can be at head height

Apex Dog House