A Mini Version of Our Best Selling Apex Hen House

A brilliant compact walk-in timber hen house for up to 10 hens


  • accommodates up to 10 heavy breed hens (or a breeding group) with daily access to free range
  • professionally built, quality KITSET design with easy-to-follow assembly instructions
  •  all timber is H4 treated and H3.2 for the plywood 
  •  built on skids for easy towing around the paddock
  • solid plywood floor
  • corrugated galvanised iron roof with flashing at each end and a rolled (non-drip) gutter on the front netting panel
  • wide person-sized door for easy access 
  •  3 x laying boxes in one external bay accessed for collection from the outside and watertight (sealed with a waterproof strip)
  •  2 x single rail perches
  • quality square mesh on one front panel for good ventilation. 
  • opening and closing pop-hole for chicken access 
  •  quality square mesh on one front panel for good ventilation. 
  •  opening and closing pop-hole for chicken access
  •  size: 1.2m long x 1.2m deep x 1.8m high to the apex inside/ 2m high outside. 
  • each house is 1.2m by 1.2m square 
  •  nest boxes are external to this measurement 
  • plus comes with a timber 'doorstop' to prevent shavings spilling out. 
  •  If you would like your hen house to blend with your other outbuildings please talk to us about upgrading to a matching colour steel endura roof

Inside View

Two removable single rail perches. Use one or both depending on the number of birds using the house. 3 easy access laying boxes for hens. Fill with untreated wood shavings. Nice and deep, so when hens choose lay their eggs they do not break. Place a pair of nest eggs in one box to encourage and show your girls where to lay. Hens like to lay in a nest other hens have laid in.

Well designed, easy to assemble and looks smart - 5 star accommodation for your fowl!

Best Position & Access

Give careful consideration where you are going to position your hen house. Think about positioning solid walls into the prevailing wind and rain. We recommend facing the front mesh panel towards the sun. Sun in the hen house is a good thing. Think about making access to nest boxes easy as this will be a daily trip for egg collection. Plus allow enough space for human door access when cleaning.


One pop-hole is adequate BUT if you are wanting to alternate your flocks free-range time then consider adding another pop-hole. If you have a paddock to the rear of the hen house and a run off the front then alternate their free range between these two areas. Keep them safe in the run whilst you are at work and give them access to free range at the weekends outback in the paddock. This will require two pop-holes; one in the front (as standard) and an additional one at the rear. 

Upgrade Roof Colour 

The roof, flashings and ridge capping are all galvanised corrugated iron. Should you prefer to upgrade to a specific roof colour please select your preferred colour option from the Coloursteel Chart. The standard range of colours includes karaka, rivergum, ironsand, grey friars, ebony, new denim blue and others. A Coloursteel Endura roof upgrade looks smart, takes away the glare you can get with galvanised iron and works well to blend in with your house and other outbuildings.

Additional Rolled Gutter

One rolled gutter comes as standard on the front side with the netting panel. We can add a second rolled gutter in galvanised iron if required or if you choose to have a roof colour then select the coloursteel version. A rolled gutter look smart and also take away from the sharp corro-iron edge which for some folk can be at head height. If you can walk all the way around your hen house it is worth opting for 2 rolled gutters.

Mini Apex Hen House



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Mini Apex Hen House