Connection Kit ONLY for Outdoor Pet Run - New Eglu Cube MK2 with Run



Connection Kit Only for Outdoor Pet Run - New Eglu Cube Chicken Coop (MK2) with 2m Run

The Walk-in Chicken Run has been designed to work with your existing chicken coop, so you can create a custom chicken keeping solution to suit your garden. This kit will connect your Eglu Cube with a 2m Run to a Hi-Rise Walk in Chicken Run. It will allow your Eglu to be connected to any side of the run, but it cannot be placed directly next to a door if your Walk-in Run is 2 panels wide. Please note you cannot connect an Eglu Cube to the Lo-Rise Walk in Run. The Eglu Cube with Run Connection Kit consists of weldmesh panels, fixings and instructions to attach it. You will need to remove one panel of your Walk in Chicken Run to attach it.