Bush Master No. 1 Leg-hold Trap



Bush Master No. 1 Leg-hold Trap

These traps are the best on the market. Designed in the USA manufactured in Taiwan - quality heavy duty zinc plated leg hold traps. The trap was designed in the USA and is manufactured in Taiwan. It is a heavy-duty trap (it weighs 450g compared to the 375g weight of the PCR leg-hold trap) and is specifically designed for long-life and rugged treatment. Consequently, they are a favourite of possum control contractors who use their traps consistently throughout the year.  

The Bush Master has two features not found in other makes of leg hold traps.

  • A small dome on the dog which allows for a hair-trigger setting and a hinge on the bottom of the trap where the chain is connected to help reduce the number of escapes.
  • New top quality Bush Master springs are available to recondition old Bush Master traps. The springs also fit other good quality leg-hold traps.

Spare springs are available.

Customer Reviews

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Steve Lewin
Excellent Product

The traps are easy to use. I'm still working out how to best use them. Setting at the base of trees on the surface is not working well. Baits are disappearing with possums avoiding the traps in most instances. I'm trying now a semi-natural channel build out of branches now. Next step if that doesn't work well will be to bury and camouflage the trap. Holds a possum well without serious injury. So big plus there.

Dongbo Xu
Good qualify

I have caught 2 adult possum and 2 infant possum.
But some possum can escape from the trap. Too smart to caught it.

Steve Flynn


Bush Master No.1

Great traps, Great service, we live in the North Island delivery was quick. Thank you 👍

Mary Bates
Leg hold traps.

Brilliant prompt timing received them about 3 days after ordering them.
Thank you