Appletons Mussel Boost

Appletons Mussel Boost



Appletons Mussel Boost

The Perfect Food for Plants
Mussel Boost will provide your plants with all the trace elements necessary for premium plant growth and health. Your plants will love it and thrive. This is a completely natural fertiliser for flowering, fruiting and root-crop plants, it is absorbed by plants through their foliage and roots. The potassium maximises the production and development of flowers, fruit and root crops while the trace elements enhance general plant health.

  • Nitrogen – promotes leaf growth
  • Potassium - Maximises flowering, fruiting and sweetness
  • Phosphorus - Accelerates healthy root establishment 

100% Natural  🌱 100% Organic  🌱 100% GE Free  🌱 99.9% Mussel Meat

How To Feed Your Plants
Liquid Fertilizer Application: 1/2 cup (125gm) of Mussel Boost to 10 litres of water.
Surface Fertilizer Application: Sprinkle around drip line. App. 1 cup per square metre. 

Analysis: Trace Elements   Percentage
Total nitrogen g/100g as rcvd 9.6
Total carbon g/100g as rcvd 41
Calcium g/100g as rcvd 0.34
Magnesium g/100g as rcvd 0.42
Potassium g/100g as rcvd 1.01
Sodium g/100g as rcvd 3.7
Phosphorous g/100g as rcvd 0.8
Sulphur g/100g as rcvd 1.83
Iron mg/kg as rcvd 250
Boron mg/kg as rcvd 21
Copper mg/kg as rcvd 3.4
Manganese mg/kg as rcvd 10.3
Zinc mg/kg as rcvd 51