Appletons Easy Care Drinker




Appletons Easy Care Drinker

This stylish, heavy-duty drinker holds just a little less than a whopping 20 litres of water - 19.8L to be exact! (this drinker is not an auto drinker but listed here as holds a decent amount of water!) Ideal for using in your chook run or bird area - we have a few strategically placed around and the chooks, ducks, pheasant, peacocks and guinea fowl all use them. We just fill and leave and the chooks soon learn where the water source is. Easy to rinse out and refill. Best filled with the garden hose. An ideal all-weather drinker that is going to last the distance. The beauty about the dark colour is that it prevents the green growth due to sun exposure that happens in most other drinkers so the water stays fresher for longer and reduces the worm burden. We rate this as our best drinker. App.size app. 34cm x 32cm by 32cm. Constructed of polyethene with s/s wire handle.

How to Fill
1. Tip drinker onto its back.
2. Best to use a hose and push it into the opening and fill up till water overflows.
3. Pull out hose and sit drinker back on its square base.
4. Water should be visible in the trough all ready for chooks to enjoy a drink.

This drinker will impress both you and your chooks!

Customer Reviews

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Appletons Easy Care Drinker

Great product

Excellent product and much happier not having to waste so much water as we were doing before to keep it clean for the chooks! A

Easy change for my chooks

It only took a few days for my chooks to start drinking out of their new drinker. It is light even when filled with water. I lay it on its back to fill it up and then gently set it back up and the water doesn't spill out. The water also stays cool.


Great product, great service

Amazing Service

I received my hens new easy care drinker the day after I placed the order.I am pleased with the drinker and the service was amazing. Thank you.