Nettex Anti Feather-Pecking Spray

Nettex Anti Feather-Pecking Spray



Nettex Anti Feather-Pecking Spray

A quick and effective two-pronged treatment for feather peaking
Cannibalism and feather pecking are complex behavioural problems found in both poultry and game birds worldwide. It can affect any birds in small backyard flocks through to the large commercial flocks. One day all is fine in the pen then the next time you look it has started. There are many reasons for it happening but some of the main reasons are overcrowding, boredom, stress, pecking order, poor quality feed and disease. If it happens in your flock you need to move fast and treat birds and if necessary remove wounded birds. Symptoms include pecking at the feet (usually very young chicks) and the vents, tails, wings and sometimes the head and necks of young and mature birds. It can also include feather pulling. Cannibalism and feather peaking may lead to wounding leaving the skin open to bacterial infection. In severe cases, this leads to the loss of blood and leads to general anaemia. If the feather pecking and cannibalism is not caught in time birds can be almost eaten alive and sometimes 'gutted' if the wounds start around the tail and vent. If you find it in your flock act quickly The Net-tex Anti Feather-Pecking Spray is effective in two ways.

  • It tastes foul so prevents the 'pecker/s' from biting, plucking and cannibalism. It contains a foul-tasting substance with a powerful odour. It is so strong that most biting or plucking will cease after one or two days.
  • Anti-bacterial agents have been incorporated for minor skin abrasions and they also help to disinfect. These agents also help to minimize the spread of bacterial infections and allowing the healing process to start.

Most of us that keep poultry will find this a very useful spray as feather-pecking can be a real problem at times in flocks. Available in a 250ml and a 500ml spray bottle.

A must-have in the poultry first-aid kit!

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Nettex Anti Feather-Pecking Spray